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  2. So since this is real then yes you immediately bring it. Their been stories on her were a husband lied to his wife for years just for her to find out that he never was interested in women and he was only interested in guys mind you they both had a child together and he just ended up leaving her. So before you even continue your life journey with you need to sit him down and have the talk and figure out is he BI, gay or for the least likely scenario is that he just watches it to watch it, which I haven’t heard personally of a straight male watch gay porn jus to watch it

  3. about it. Long story short, she was out at a clothing optional bar with her girlfriends while on vacation. She

    Wtf is this

  4. No, don’t tell him. The question shouldn’t be “what does he deserve to know”? Rather it should he “what harm will it do to him”? The answer is possibly a lot — a lot of harm to your relationship with him.

    There is no need to let your father know that you may not be his bio son. Don’t complicate your relationship with him.

  5. I never said penises are gross or repulsive. Also, you don’t get to choose who I have sex with and don’t get a say.

  6. You run!!! What he is trying to do is not ok. He doesn’t get to dictate who you hang out with and any issues of trust are his to deal with not yours(unless you have given him cause). If I was you I would be getting out the relationship ASAP

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