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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. No, don't tell a person with a bf that you're in love with them. She isn't letting you down, she's just not your gf. Distance quietly and go heal up.

  2. Mind your business. It’s meddling if you interfere. If she only cheated one time with you then it’s better he doesn’t know and you have no clue if they were on a break or not. They have a child now. Leave it alone. If she’s a regular cheater then just let her get caught on her own. Your own self-righteousness is annoying. It’s not your business to try and right her wrong, if there even was one.

  3. I would listen to him vent about work, or his family, whatever was going on, we would go on vacations, every so often for weekend, getaways, upstate, or to the casino, and I would pay for half the room, so he’s not paying for everything. I paid for his day, pass to the Magic Kingdom, when we went for his birthday in January, which he loved! That was honestly really good, but he didn’t want to go to Disney again after that, he said it’s weird to be obsessed with going several times a year, he went once after 20 years, and said it was enough for him, I don’t get it, but OK.

  4. It'd be a 1h 30m flight. Depends on the area of the city he lives in. It's not like he's going overseas I'm not ending the relationship once he moves. We've discussed that we would try long distance and visit each other every so often. I'm nervous about it for sure, but I've definitely fallen for him and want to try things out since I'd probably end up moving away too . That's my 'why' :]

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