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  1. It sounds like she wasn't ready to express herself intimately as easily as you are. That's ok. It's also ok that you didn't even know this until she felt the need to have a friend with her to help her communicate with you. Sometimes people absolutely do not know how to communicate a “no” and go thru with actions that they later regret. Sounds like no one did anything wrong here but just are a different places in life. I'm sorry that your heart is hurting but know that you didn't do anything wrong.

  2. What do you mean amazing to her kids? She fucking tormented them until they left. Minor kids who don’t have a place to go to don’t choose the street over humoring their parents until they graduate unless they street is literally better than home.

  3. That's my thought. The conversations that had to happened behind her back for them to come to the conclusion they wanted to bang each other. Thats a whole lot of trust out the window. They say they wont be cheating, but they are already cheating mentally with each other by having that conversation.

    If he wanted to open their relationship, it would have happened before anyone existed to fill the spot. Saying, hey I dont think relationships are fulfilling enough when I am monogamous and I want to do xyz with other people in the future, is that ok? Can we lay out some boundaries?” is way different than “hey, me and your bff of 10 years have been sexting behind your back and decided we want to make it happen IRL with your blessing. Is that cool with you?”

  4. Busy dump him over text and block him on everything.

    Explain to your parents what's going on.

    Tell your close friends.

    If he comes to see you or finds places he knows you frequent tell him to leave or that you'll the cops. File a restraining order.

  5. Could also be liking the idea of someone more mature. Without realizing that doesn't go both ways at all.

  6. I mean this in the nicest way possible: you need to see about getting into therapy. This seems like obsessive behavior, and I think you need professional help to work through it. If you're compulsively worrying and can't eat all day because he may have been in proximity of/glanced at a women who's attractive, then this is seriously impacting your life and its a health issue. You're not broken, but you need to search for ways to help yourself.

  7. Only if one has the itch to teach him a lesson… be understood.

    That's so impolite. Why is he even dating if his span of attention is shorter than that of a one day old chicken?

    That's so impoliteThat's so impolite

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