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  1. Absolutely. Most people wouldn’t believe this but she’s on a work trip with her ex in another country and I’m watching her dog while she’s gone. She been there for 2 weeks in a group of 10. Spent Valentine’s Day at carnaval in Brazil with her ex and her boss. I’m so disgusted with her at this point I can’t wait to have her out of my life. I feel bad for the dog who’s a sWeetie. I hate to not see her but I’m relieved it’s over. She comes back next week and she thinks we’re going to Romania on vacation at the end of the year, I’ve already started to cancel the accommodations. She had the audacity to be pinning outfits for a trip paid for by me to Romania while she’s hanging out with her ex. She’s a truly nasty human

  2. Happened to me. I was told it was like eating calamari. Haven’t enjoyed it since and don’t really miss it tbh. It’s kinda just a gross idea to me

  3. i keep coming back to read this. you’ve given me so much insight. it was kind of refreshing and validating. if that makes sense

  4. How can he look up to you both as role models, when what he just learned you model is infidelity and breach of trust?

    Seriously – you need to pull your head out of la-la land and realise that the only way you're going to be able to mend any sort of relationship with your son is to own what you did, and how he feels about it, and try to build a relationship in spite of it.

    Your head in the sand and wanting to be put back on your pedestal is delusional.

  5. My wife and I both don't want kids, but we wouldn't be married if one of us really wanted them.

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