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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. No in a different province I would like to keep it to myself because of privacy reasons.

    But in that province it‘s getting worse and worse, even in other towns.

    They are also encouraging us normal people now to all run around with naloxone kits because it‘s so common that people just overdose.

    My husband‘s office is ground level and they marched in several times in his office this year so I‘m also super worried.

    The cities of Canada are nice though, but from my observation you can see that all the money of Canada floods into the major cities, they have their issues too but you see more areas that are well kept and new buildings whereas here they need to fight for every $.

    Sorry I‘m rambling.

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  3. He sounds incredibly insecure. Three degrees? Biomedical engineering? This isn't something easily accomplished, naturally smart or not. Stop putting your self worth into what other people think. You know what you've got going on so hold your head high and don't worry about him

  4. Try your best to move on.

    It doesn't appear like you are the person she feels she can heal with or heal for. She is probably going on dates either to distract herself from feelings for her ex, or to find someone who makes her feel like he did.

  5. Respectfully, I think that's completely the wrong approach. This makes it sound like some clash of personalities / both sides are the problem sort of thing whereas that's not true at all. From what we've heard the sister is horrible and not only that does not contribute anything to the bills but doesn't help clean or cook either?

    Personally, I think OPs problem is trying to be too diplomatic already whereas I think now is the time to put her foot down. To start with agree that the sister must help with cleaning or start paying rent for example.

  6. She may have a little crush on you. But why would you think anyone on Reddit would know better than you?


    “Nothing physical”

    Oh that must make you feel wonderful! Hey babe! I love you enough to not have sex with other women again but I am gonna be sexting then and flirting. I wonder how you would have reacted had she done this to you. Would you have taken her back had she cheated on you, then kept dating apps after getting back together, then keep fighting ?

    Thank god she escaped. You need to learn to be sober for you and she needs to GET THE HELL AWAY FROM YOU

  8. Keep going out with guys, don't fall too quickly or let your guard down. Keep introducing her to them at the start so you're not in too deep. The more guys you date, the more chances of meeting someone who really likes you for you.

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