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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Oh wow, if I learned anything from this sub, it's that Indian parents can put a ton of pressure onto their kids.

    I am not from India. I have never been there, I don't know anyone from there. I can only tell you some of the stuff I read here, which includes stuff like parents, as soon as it's time to talk about marriage, suddenly disapproving of the partner. Parents not being okay with a partner being from a different culture, especially if that starts affecting them (like you not wanting them to visit several months at a time). And the children of such parents dodging issues for as long as possible, but in the end going with what their parents want.

    I think that's what happened here and that's why he broke up with you despite clearly loving you. He dodged the issue by not giving his parents limits on the timeframe. But now that marriage is being discussed, such topics can't be dodged anymore and I suspect the parents either disagreed with the marriage in itself (= dating someone from a different culture is fine, marriage is not) or your partner dared to voice your expectations of time limits for the visits and the parents felt disrespected and thus now forced him to break up. The influence family in India has is insane, believe me.

    I hope you get some more replies from Indians here who can maybe shine some more light on the issue.

  2. i don’t know if i have advice for you moving forward, i’m sorry the situation spiraled like this. what i can say, to possibly offer some perspective, is that after my mom died i had a VERY very hot time offering comfort to my friend when her pet died. i was not acting like mysef at all. it was a real grief for her but i was paralyzed by the feeing that mine was significant and hers couldn’t possibly be by comparison. don’t know if that was behind your fiancé’s actions that day, there’s a lot more going on here.

  3. Actions have consequences. That’s the point. Nothing else will drive it home better than this. I have a feeling Dear Ms Princess has never really suffered through the consequences of anything before in her life.

  4. With no other context, I don’t really see an issue here. You see this as physical affection which is what I think the problem is. I don’t think there’s affection here. It’s just friends having fun.

    The weird thing is the slapping. I have no idea what on earth is going on there. I again don’t see anything sexual there but it’s incredibly odd and I’d love more context.

  5. She didn’t outright reject him.

    Men get upset when you reject them. Sometimes they just get quiet and leave, sometimes they beat you to death.

  6. I agree, do it as an obvious apology. People who own their mistakes and rectify them will always be fine with others. Get the same kind of pizza as well!

  7. Acknowledged. Somehow people are convoluting my words to mean that I don’t think I was wrong. I never said and yes I was wrong

  8. Exactly. It's not like we can choose who gets pregnant and who gives birth but a lot of people still ride on mothers being the main parent. Whoever is present is a parent

  9. the only good thing you had to say about him in this whole post is that he makes you laugh??? so the occasional haha is enough to overlook all the shit you spent literal paragraphs talking about and you still want to try and make it work? you’re going to spend the rest of your life raising a grown up baby and being unhappy if you try to make it work

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