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Chrissy, 22 y.o.


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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. I'm calling bs, no one in their right minds has this type of conversation while their partner is on a call. It makes zero sense, especially since it would be something discussed in a sensitive manner so not exactly a 30 second conversation. I mean, how do you even butt into a call to start talking about the subject to begin with

  2. He has his reservations, rightfully so, because you have only been together for 9 months. That’s too short of a time for him to know how committed you are to the relationship. Just as you are confused about his commitment right now. See it from his perspective too and not just yours. Buying a home is very complicated and he would be taking a huge risk putting you under its contract. Don’t worry about it. That doesn’t mean he is not committed. Give it time.

  3. you are 31 and you think the pull out method is okay? at all?

    And yeah, couples who are long term and can't use hormonal birth control use condoms. Sorry. No one likes condoms, btw.

    Use condoms and get used to it.

  4. The thing is that even with her pessimism, she seems to be able to push through things when it comes to us. I have seen her bring changes to her life that were very hot, especially for someone like her. And I genuinely think that she is an amazing person and have a big heart. Something I admire in her. I feel like she is more capable than she gives herself the credit for. Her mentality is the challenge to get past

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