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Date: September 27, 2022

10 thoughts on “Gigi Atlanta on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Yeah… your boyfriend is an asshole. People think about all sorts of things when they masturbate, including the things your bf listed, but it was TOTALLY inappropriate of him to tell YOU about it. It’s like he’s TRYING to make you feel insecure and jealous, especially when you’ve told him NOT to talk about things like this.

    The solution to this issue is that you should break up with him.

  2. Everyone's smart in different things.

    We often choose partners who make up for what we lack. Maybe you are good at talking to people. Maybe he's better. It really doesn't matter, though.

    You don't have to be good at everything. No one does. You sound like you're extremely intelligent in your own right and worked for it.

  3. The fact that your friends are welling to tell you that they suspect that he’s gay tells me that they know for a fact that he’s gay. People try to avoid saying such things even if they strongly suspect them.

  4. The only thing wrong with you is that you don’t seem to recognise trash when it’s staring you in the face and talking to you.

  5. What about this “joke” inspired you to not only make it, but to keep it going? You ground on and on about it. What part was amusing? How oblivious were you as you tore this person apart?

    I kept talking and talking and went on about how he’s a bully and I’m stuck and have just accepted my situation. I accidentally made it sound like I was in an abusive relationship

    That wasn't an accident. You capitalized on real trauma for reacts and laughs. You played victim when you are now the abuser.

    I probably regret marrying him and it’s too bad I’m in love and can’t get away

    He probably regrets wasting so much of his life on someone who does not value him. I hope he can get away from your despicable behavior and frankly revolting attempt at humor. I can imagine how side splitting you are at funerals as you go on about how relieved the surviving family members must be, because of your sublime joke making skills.

    Maybe treat your SO right and don't degrade them for laughs? Maybe don't use trauma as a joke? Maybe don't equate any part of your good life to someone in a horrible situation? This wasn't an accident. You did this all on your own and have earned the fallout to come.

  6. The person you're “married” to made a serious decision that will affect you with a “boyfriend” who can do absolutely nothing for any of you and you're still with this selfish and entitled person?

    How does this seem right to you. The person most affected is the person who is being lease considered? Well, since you're not apart of their situation, withdraw from the marriage and let them figure ot out.

    Not your circus and not your monkey!your friends are correct!!!

    This was probably a trick/setup/scam from the beginning!!!

  7. Dump him!

    Not only he is immature, he has a lot of debt, doesn't save money, spends, and has bad credit.

    Are you trying to ruin your life? Because living with this man is how you achieve that.

  8. I get what you’re saying. But it’s a universal rule that you should only do something like this — very obviously commonly seen as inappropriate — if you know for sure that your partner is ok with it.

  9. He doesnt want to tell her about you cuz maybe he was planning on sleeping with her again. He cheated on her …he will cheat on you

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