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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. What's surprising here? It's not like you drink your morning coffee and then suddenly think “hmmm, why don't I tell my partner that we should probably hook up with someone else”.

    Of course it starts with some desire that you find too hot to suppress. Then you realize you don't necessarily have to if you can come to an agreement with your spouse. And honestly, I can't see anything wrong here. If they disagree – well, either you deal with your urges or the marriage is over, simple as that.

  2. There's nothing to “pass” though. And a therapist probably wouldn't want to talk to someone's GF about their client anyway even if they signed releases and shit.

  3. Have you sat down and looked at finances with her? If she has a job, there must be income to prove it. I hate to tell you this but she will just keep asking you for more and more until you are doing everything and she is doing nothing. Time for a reality check and maybe a divorce lawyer.

  4. Know that NONE of this is your fault. Not one part of what he has said is true, logical, or intelligent. Don't expect an answer because the truth isn't something he will tell you. That he's vindictive and a user and a big fat cheating liar. And he's definitely cheated before this

  5. This is 100% rape. You need to get out of this marriage.

    OP, I'm worried for your safety when you decide to leave. This is a man who has been raping you consistently over years, he will not respond well to you leaving him.

    Be careful. Take some time. Gather important information and pack some clothes for at least a couple of nights stay. Just enough to get out without him noticing anything missing ahead of time.

    Ideally, get yourself and the kids out together and stay with someone you trust. Or if you can afford to do so, stay somewhere like a hotel that accepts cash for the booking (rather than a credit card they put a hold on, which could give him your location).

    Don't tell him you're leaving in person. You can text or leave a note, after you've left and are safe at your new destination.

    I recommend telling a close friend who will absolutely take your side (not his sister, or a friend you share) and let them know you're getting out by X date. They don't need to know all the details if you're not comfortable to share, but someone should be told in case he finds out the plan before you leave. That way they can raise the alarm if you don't turn up at your safe destination.

    Please leave. He's not a great man. He's a rapist. He's not a great husband because he's raping his wife. He's not a great father because he's raping their mother.

    End the marriage. Do so safely.

  6. Her low libido has this complexity, which is very normal. Even tho she doesn't want to have sex with another person, she still enjoys masturbating. I have high libido too so I know your pain. You and I see sex as the peak of intimacy, the goal, everything else is a warmup to sex, love=sex, and we feel unloved if there's no sex. For her sex is a chore, full of expectations, her body just isn't turned on for it, love doesn't equal sex. She might even make promises to have sex later because tomorrow never comes and she might wish she had higher libido but she doesn't. Masturbation is emotionally safe, easy, natural, personal, and she's been doing it long before you came along. Libido can't be forced. Libido might change over time and is unpredictable (hers might get even lower, or higher idk), but overall it doesn't change much. This is incompatibility and a perfectly reasonable reason to break up. The love between you will always feel a bit out of touch. You'll always be having to suppress your urges, expecting her to reject you every time. She'll always be holding up boundaries, expecting you to want sex at every intimate reaction. You are stressed out trying to plan for sex because it never happens spontaneously anymore. Your love is met with “sorry, I just don't feel like it, maybe tomorrow or the next day. I might masturbate tho. ” She's stressed out because she never feels good enough for you. Her love is always met with “okay, can we have sex now? Intimacy really makes me want to have sex.”

    Neither of you are wrong in your reasoning, but you are wrong for each other. Breakups aren't always because somebody did something wrong, sometimes it's just that needs aren't met and it takes too much compromise.

  7. Support is different than getting him help. Only he can do that. All the support in the world won’t do anything if he doesn’t want to help himself.

  8. You have spelled out exactly how. You know what you are doing. You know when you do it. You need to make an effort to speak especially when you don’t want to. If it’s truly beyond your control, then it’s time to seek professional help. Great insight.

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