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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. It's not like she felt guilty and came clean.

    The only reason she apologized is because she got caught. She's not sorry for what she did, she's sorry she got caught.

    Yes, you would be an idiot if you forgave her. The only reason you know is because you found that notebook

  2. Im not sure where you live, but our self pay for insurance monthly is $300. I definitely agree though. In highschool I was with a guy for 2 years, and didnt notice ANY signs until about a year and ahalf into the relationship and we started fighting and he started to become controlling, and spit at me, twisted my arms and threatened to harm my family. I was so far out of that relationship: quickly. I found out later on that he had cheated on me and got a girl pregnant and beat her and the child. (im so glad i got out of that relationship when i did) because it was TOXIC. So far, nothing has indicated that with him. He just gets so frusttrated over little things, like drivers, putting together furnitute, and i just dont get why he gets so mad. Im so laidback that im like who cares. But i do have a plan just in case, because im very hyper aware of things and i have bad anxiety, so made a exit plan, just in case.

  3. Yes he’s pretty delusional and not very realistic. I hope he’ll be able to accomplish his dreams, but I want him to be realistic. He likes to brag but I think he’s being serious as well. He did his sister wedding but wasn’t paid for it. He’s doing fashion mostly and portraits. One of his big inspiration is Tim walker, so pretty much this type of pics.

  4. Thank you!! I was hoping someone would say it! This stuff just doesn’t happen. Nobody is ostracized from their community because the community doesn’t like that he’s with a young looking woman! Also, I’ve met 29 year old women who look 19 or 20, but none that look 15.

  5. He’s had his day and she doesn’t like it. So why does he get to have the final choice, in your eyes?

  6. Yeah no. Cut your losses and leave. If after all this time it hasn’t gotten better why on gods green earth would he bother improving once married?

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