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Date: October 3, 2022

7 thoughts on “Ann on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. How many comments do you intend to make on this post ? Im assuming youre just projecting hard since you probably go after ex gfs of your friends.

    You do not own your ex-girlfriend

    This doesnt even make sense. OP doesnt give a shit about what his ex does, he is only mad at his “friend”.

    Neither your friend nor your ex did anything wrong by finding each other attractive or by acting on it.

    His friend literally said that he felt bad about it, which he knows its wrong as well.

    All in all, only one thing matters here, bro's before ho's.

  2. Well telling someone they are gross for an assumption you’ve made is also immature but I came back to edit my comment. I’m sorry. I found your comment upsetting. I would never have been with him if I knew the truth for a Long time.

  3. Have him involuntarily committed. He’s a danger to himself & that’s enough. You go live with your ex.

  4. For a birthday party you suck it up. But for future get together you ask your wife to keep her busy. Made see if they can go out for coffee or a shop while you and your mate hang out with the kids. I do the “drag the women away” for my husband when he wants to game with his mates and am happy to do so so long as it’s not alllllll the time.

  5. True, but unless the whole restaurant it gluten free, the cross contamination risk is often too high for a celiac. It sucks.

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