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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Its been a month and we had conversation last night about this, she is ready to commit to me already it me who is taking time

  2. Bro she already cheated and frankly, seeing your comments and profil you had it coming yo you.

    1 year ago you post about meeting a girl and looking for ONS then nowadays you say that your WIFE was not like that when you marry her and she start lying after the weeding.

    So i guess you marry a girl within the first year of relationship ?!!!

    Just divorce and take your time next time. Don't do shutgun weeding to please the girl or to feel like you secure something. Just date at least 3y with 1y living together prior to the weeding. We are in 2022 not 1950

  3. Even if a therapist did say that, if he’s that good of a manipulator, wouldn’t it makes more sense that he’s controlling the narrative by telling half truths and exaggerations to get them to support his perspective rather than it’s advice based on the full story? Additionally, if he’s an expert manipulator, I’m assuming you know he’s lied to you before, what makes you think this isn’t a lie now?

    Lastly it doesn’t even matter, because the reason why you’re avoiding him isn’t as much because he cares about you or not, it’s because he cheated and manipulated you. He could very well CARE about you a lot, but that dont mean shit because he TREATED you like crap. Just because some has feelings for you doesn’t mean they’re a good partner or good person.

  4. If you want to talk more PM me. My ex and I were polyamorous before ending the relationship. He is a polyamorous person, I am a spicy monogamous person. I like kinky shit so that was ok but being polyamorous became another toll of control over me. We were in a quad for 2 years, I met my husband and we were not dating when I moved in with him, just had feelings and were having sex but neither of us were ready to commit (we literally didn't have sex with anyone besides him an 2 exes and me with my 2 exes) we just kinda transitioned into monogamy and have been monogamous since 6ish months after we met when I cut ties with my poly family.

    I can probably talk to you more about my situation and other I met that were positive in their poly experience. You can then decide how you really feel.

    If he is a serial cheater, chances are you will never have monogamy with him.

  5. Look up statistics and tell me honestly that woman in their late 30s are able to have as healthy pregnancies as a 20 year old would

  6. This sounds like an incompatibility. You do not believe spank your children and your boyfriend believes in spanking. I do think you met his kid way too soon. She is already attached to you and you are considering ending the relationship. This is why parents should wait before bringing partners around small children.

  7. The next time she pulls some shit… Tell her you're done and leave her there in public with her friends. If you drove tell them all to figure out how to get home on their own and leave.

  8. Tears came to my eyes as I read your post and I'm so sorry this has happened to you.

    I'm wondering if you could write her a letter on how gard it's been for you not having her in your life a d that you would like to connect with her more.

    Either way send her a text and tell her how much you miss her.

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  10. I hear you.

    Please continue to advocate for yourself and your mental health, though, use the county resources.

    If you’re not getting the help you deserve from those resources, let them know and ask them to help you find second opinions/referrals.

    You deserve decent medical care.

  11. You need to apologise? You? This is not a prank. It's so malicious. Making you think your life was over just to see your grief and sorrow is not good natured ribbing, especially when you're pregnant and hormonal. It's a recipe for disaster. Idk why your sister thought she'd derive pleasure from seeing you broken. It's not amusing. It's not funny.

    If I were you I'd tell your sister as such. That if she thinks your grief is hilarious, maybe it is time to reevaluate your relationship and lessen contact until she can give a public, heartfelt apology.

  12. I think you know the answer… you just want us to tell you what you know. You need to sit down and talk it out seriously 1 more time. If she doesn’t change this 1 thing, then leave her.

  13. You’ll never impress her and you’ll never change her.

    Because of that, no-one can tell you what’s right here as long as you know whatever you choose is right. If you decide to put up with the comments you know will come for all the other things you love about her, then that’s right. If you decide you can’t handle it anymore, that’s also right.

    Sounds like grandma is a mixed bag of racism, love, homophobia, and more love. That’s a real shit combo and I get why you’re conflicted since there’s real love there, but also some real dark streaks.

    Since you have your dads support, I’d just start talking loudly and slowly when she does the marriage stuff. GRANDMA ARE YOU FORGETTING STUFF AGAIN?? YOU KNOW I DATE GIRLS. DO YOU WANT A NAP AND SOME PORRIDGE? but that’s just immature and makes me laugh, it won’t actually be productive in real life.

  14. Pressured to marry, but not at all prepared for the sacrifices and concessions and extra care it takes to online together long-term. Your partner is not being respectful of your needs and its not going to get better without intervention.

    When things have settled after new year's sit him down for a serious conversation and explain that this lifestyle isn't working for you. Your sensory issues are part of who you are, and you shouldn't be expected to isolate yourself in a room while he hosts loud parties. If he can't see things from your perspective then start taking steps to seperate. Put yourself before anyone else.

  15. seeing almost every person say seek legal action gave me so much support and closure. I wish I could tell everyone exactly who he is, ppl deserve to know, but I will let him start over new. I will always keep my money private in the future.

  16. It's not about enriching someone else but rather to enrich himself, financially and intellectually. He does not plan on staying in the Army, but he also doesn't have an idea what to do once he gets out. And he doesn't actively do anything to improve his skills set. That's what I'm having a problem with and it seems like you've completely ignored that whole portion of my post.

  17. The age gap is a massive red flag. How old were you when you met? Not just when you started dating, when you met. A 50 year old shouldn't be chasing a mid-20 year old, is he not married? Why isn't he married? Ask yourself all the questions.

    Regardless you need to tell him to get lost as nicely or not nicely as you feel is appropriate and block him everywhere. Don't let him rope you back in or convince you otherwise.

  18. Congratulations, this is the stupidest thing anyone has ever started a conflict over-ever. Unless this is going to be your hill to die on just let it go dude Jesus Christ.

  19. I don’t think there’s anything else you can do. You just have to let your boyfriend process this information.

  20. The OP also has siblings. It's not just cutting off a father and female figure you appreciate. It's your siblings….

    I get the moms hurt and I get that she needed to protect her mental health.

    But the ultimatum was not right.

    I hope she can heal and realize her worth, because then the ex won't matter.

  21. Yeah, I mean all it takes is a second. Your husband could be aiming for you and your son runs in front of you and takes the hit instead. CPS rocks up, sees the marks on your body, finds your husband if he's drunk and that's it. Game over. Baby gone too.

  22. And – also important – you can get a restraining order for behavior like this, even when it doesn’t necessarily meet the level of a crime.

  23. Part 2 – The final straw came this Friday. We were all out (he has a huge friend circle) & W was there too. We were vibing, all having a great time, when me & W got into talking. She pulled out her phone & showed me texts between her & M since they are friends about how she had messaged my so called fucken boyfriend about collecting her dryer that she had left at the house while they were still dating. (The texts were from November)

    J’s response – you could come over this evening to collect it & should it get late, you could sleep over. My jaw dropped!! Another part of the conversation was when J & M met to exchange some items & J literally followed her behind in his vehicle to see exactly where her new apartment was all the way from the mall!! I lost my shit! He also denies that his dating & still goes on to portray an image of a single individual.

    As soon as we got into the car I confronted (insulted him) telling him how he was the worse Penis I had ever put my pussy on. I demanded to speak to M there & then which he agreed. I called her up that moment at 05:20am, from His phone, she answered I said exactly who I am & asked what is going on between the two of them in an extremely calm tone. She was obviously asleep & evasive to say the least. I politely asked about him inviting her over which she didn't deny saying 'yes I declined' however do speak to him. I've never felt so worthless, humiliated & low. I immediately turned & just spat in his face. J's explanation – He was merely testing her to see her response. I went upstairs & began to pack. He has been crying his worthless crocodile tears since, begging with his favourite line – Why would he let me call her if he had something to hide.

    Because we lived in different states & I've been paying rent for an empty apartment turned storage for the past 7 months since I'm always with him, we decided together that I should end my lease & officially move in with him, which happened just 3 weeks ago (24 January). Yes foolish me thinking he was well over M by now surely. I also gave up my business just as it was peaking & removed my IUD as we have this entire life planed out.

    I feel so worthless like where do I even start? I loaned him $3500 which he is yet to return, however his just landed a huge contract, which he gave me $1000, & I quote for 'shopping' as well as purchased me an additional designer fit I’ve been wanting. I'm quite materialistic which I've never made secret however his yet to return the $3500 saying he had to purchase material (I've witnessed) he soon will. (I do believe him)

    I just moved states literally 3 weeks ago, considering all that stress combined with the difficulty of sourcing a new apartment in my old state, going home (mom) is also an option for the interim but honestly I have absolutely no plan for my future moving forward & I'm just at a loss.

    I ignored all the red flags & I feel absolutely depressed & lost.

    PS : He treated me really terribly (tempter tantrums, controlling, the realisation that M is not returning) up until early December, however since my arrival back since Mid January after my move he has been the absolute sweetest (Guessing since he landed the contract & his finances are improving).

    I'm finding it extremely extremely difficult to walk away since I was here at his lowest, literally loaning a man cash, splitting bills, (I HAVE NEVER IN 30 years) willingly turned myself into his in-house chef, maid, therapist, sex doll, gorgeous trophy girlfriend which he parades all over town.

    IE : I'm just distraught, any advice please??

    TLDR – I believe that my boyfriend is still hung up on his EX.

  24. Advice is to do proper due diligence before dating someone from a vastly different and often difficult culture. Either break up or accept it’ll be an uphill battle and they they begrudgingly surrender to your bf but may never wholeheartedly accept you.

  25. The whole thread sounds they have no real life experience at all. I find it odd how many people think OP’s friend’s shitty decision has anything to do with him. None of my friends have done this thankfully, it would be awful if they did, but I’m just about positive I’d offer them the opportunity for growth, change, and redemption after the decade or two they’ve spent being a good friend to me.

  26. The whole thread sounds they have no real life experience at all. I find it odd how many people think OP’s friend’s shitty decision has anything to do with him. None of my friends have done this thankfully, it would be awful if they did, but I’m just about positive I’d offer them the opportunity for growth, change, and redemption after the decade or two they’ve spent being a good friend to me.

  27. You either put up with it or move on. It’s his child. You’re a fling of 3 years.

    Seek therapy for why you can look at this entire situation and don’t see the glaring red flags waving in your face.

  28. The fact is she didn't want any of that and is uncomfy with the idea that you do- She didn't see a sexual component in your relationship. And it seems that you saw her as a means to an end- to get the physical intimacy you want.

    You need to give her space. Maybe after some time you can apologize for making things weird and seeing about taking things slow to get the friendship back- but it has to be on her terms.

    And you have to consider your goal: Do you want to make amends and make sure she feels safe around you to repair your friendship- or do you just want to feel better?

  29. Anyone who says they’ve won every fight they’ve been in is lying. You win some you lose some. No one will be talking about it a week from now.

  30. I don't either of you are wrong, I see both sides.

    My wife and I have access to each-others phones and passwords to other devices. There is also some practicality to it. There is defo certain things that I don't want her seeing but that's related to work and confidentiality and certain chats with friends/ family.

    I have never gone through hers, because I trust her and I don't think she has gone through mine. I wouldn't even bat an eye if I saw she my phone and likewise for her, but I can't recall a time I have seen it outside her using it for music or to order food for us.

    I do think there is a difference between having access and frequent need to snoop though

  31. I didn’t come here to be told I was a dickhead because it’s not fucking news to me. I just wanna know what to do to try to fix it because I regret what I did and have since I did it

  32. You still need (more) therapy, but it’s good to read couples implement that it’s you AND them vs the problem and not you vs them.

  33. Did you use the app with the thermometer daily, or did you just track it generally? Because the latter is definitely less effective

  34. Your ex is probably pissed at what you are teaching your son.

    And the comments on this post alone are proof that anyone that disagrees with the left? They consider to be “fucking idiots.”

    Just because someone has different values and beliefs than the people you surround yourself with, doesn't make them wrong.

    The world is not black and white.

  35. Jeeze man, Go with the flow! Get her some of those cute Japanese school girl uniforms for her and see what excitement that brings. (check out BlackPinkl). Dress yourself up as a badass ready to discipline her for being naughty and not doing her homework or cheating on her tests. Or better yet, dress up as a Sister of St. Joseph and give her that good old Catholic school discipline. A little spanking over her chair (while you pull on her hair), a slap or two across her knuckles, you get the idea. Next get her that cheerleaders outfit (two sizes too small) and help her with her routine. GO for it! The sky is the limit! It will only get better. You lucky ba2+3rd

  36. Go to the police. She has made a pornographic film of you without your consent and has profited from that.

    It’s totally illegal and dangerous for you as your body is now sexually out in the wild. She has prostituted you for money like a pimp.

    She deserves to be prosecuted because she knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

  37. Is meeting her family members something that is important to her? If so, you might just have to swallow your pride and do it. That is part of the cost of being in a relationship – it’s doing right by your partner, even when it’s nude.

    Meeting a family will take a few hours. If you can’t hold it together for an afternoon, then I’m not sure you’re cut out for a serious relationship.

    Here is some tactical advice. If you hear the dad make a shaming comment like, “looks like you’ve put on a few pounds” – counter it with an enthusiastic compliment. “Really? I actually think you’re daughter’s as beautiful as ever”. Your weapons are kindness and respect, and fight by example. Show him how you’re supposed to treat people you love. This’ll only strengthen your bond with your girlfriend.

  38. I asked if op's wife had that condition that makes a person look young. I can't imagine how a 29 year old would look SO young that he is being accused of pedophilia. Does she dress in like children's clothing? Is she also high pitched and really short like under 5 feet? Something isn't adding up.

  39. This is a non problem.

    Ok I think I need to do a PSA.

    Men of the world. Unless you had a virgin bride the woman you are with has fucked someone else. they may have fucked multiple people at the same time, some of whom you can’t stand. These people very well might have had more money, a bigger dick, or a nicer car than you have. Once you accept that you are not going to win every contest there is to “win” you will be much happier.

    They are not with that person right now for a reason. They are with you for a reason.

    I want you, next time you are having sex to drop down there until your tongue hurts and then some. Don’t stop until she tells you to stop. I don’t care if she screams oh my god or if your tongue cramps. You are going to get her off like you have never before or die trying. If, after she’s done she’s too exhausted to continue you go in the bathroom and jerk off into toilet paper and flush.

    When you see your woman, the one you let a past get in the way, gasping for breath because of how good you made her feel I can all but promise you are going to feel better about Biggus Dickus there.

  40. so you want to budget between 2-5k and she wants between 5-10k. sounds like 5-6k is the magic number. also sounds like you do not want to get married lol. you don’t want to buy her a ring because it’s “unfair” you don’t get anything in return, healthy grown up relationships don’t work that way. there are definitely things she’s going to be doing for you that won’t be fair or provide an equal output if she’s truly in love with you as well. how to handle it: don’t get married.

  41. And I will tell him to jump into a time machine because that would be the only f****** way I would come back to him

  42. Have someone else tell his wife. Say they saw him with another woman.

    If he finds you and this post, things are not going to go well.

    “should i tell her and destroy the family” part being a little harsh.

    Give the wife the information she needs to know but dont let it be known its coming from you.

    I am surprised there isn't a hotline to call for this.

  43. I would work on your self esteem. Trying to have sex and working around clothes is a) usually not going to work anyway as things get shifted and b) creating a barrier between you and someone else such that they cannot see or touch the real you.

    If you don't like your body- then work on your body. Definitely develop some self love.

  44. Wait so she cheated twice on her previous boyfriend? And all because she got some attention from other guys; bro if validation is all it takes for her to step out on relationships that’s a major red flag not a check point. But it sounds like you are mad infatuated with her so I guess just enjoy the ride while it lasts and stop worrying; you worrying about it will not stop her from cheating. If she cheats deal with it later and just tell yourself it was bound to happen and that it was only your turn. Good luck! ✌?

  45. “A person with an addiction uses a substance, or engages in a behavior, for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeat the activity, despite detrimental consequences.”

    -Psychology Today

  46. What would you have done if your boyfriend said yes and said he would allow the other male to put it in his butt? Would that make you think less of your boyfriend?

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