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Date: September 22, 2022

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  1. Yes, very similar to children when they learn what a dog is and point and yell “dog” at every vaguely dog looking four-legged creature.

  2. Its like you people can't even read this before you are typing a comment here you just hear about spanking and you think he's beating her down like a dog you don't even try to see this from my eyes and my familys eyes IT WASN'T ABOUT SEX NO ONE WAS BEING BEATEN IT WAS A PLAYFUL LITTLE PATT LIKE I HAVE SEEN A HUNDRED PEOPLE DO TO EVEN THEIR FAMILY YOU ARE THE SICK ONES THINKING LIKE THIS

  3. This is a brother problem. If he lets her disrespect you, then he isn’t caring about your relationship. Set clear boundaries and try to rebuild an individual relationship…. But don’t give an ultimatum.

  4. You already know what your husband is like. And it's not good. Be happy with your blessing and move on.

    It's also nice if so many people in your life to show you who they are. F'em. New baby, new kid. On-line for yourself.

  5. I think the problem is that the boyfriend says that it’s ok but it really isn’t. His problem is that he’s in denial.

  6. A marriage is a huge commitment. If you aren’t there yet, don’t do it.

    Sometimes being married doesn’t seal the deal on commitment for everyone. I was with my fiancé for 11 years before we even discussed marriage. We had kids, a house, careers…Everything we wanted. We were children or divorce. My mom cheated on my dad after 25 years and my life exploded in my face. Messy divorce. I promised myself I would not marry and he had no desire to marry. In the end, my daughter I had brought in from a previous relationship wanted him to adopt her and he could not unless we were married. We decided there’s no reason not to be married anymore.

    I marry in April and while it’s nice, I’m glad we waited until we knew each other well and finished our own personal dreams before we decided to do it.

  7. Most likely they can’t pay you back, honestly. In the future make sure expectations of paying back or paying back in a specific time are established, or just give money only you can safely dispose of.

    I’m sorry this is the advice, but assume it was a gift. Maybe reach out to them about anything BUT the money (if preserving the friendship is the focus) or just let them come to you. If you need the money, you can try to pressure them, but that would most likely fail because of the distance.

    If they are a good person they’re not reaching back out of probably out of shame, if they’re not a good person they made off with the money. Proceed accordingly since you know them much better than I do lol

  8. She should ask her boyfriend for help and if it doesn’t fit with your schedule it’s not your problem. We can’t always help our friends especially if they have an alternative which makes more sense.

  9. Do yourself a favor and break up with your boyfriend. Block him on everything make it to where he cannot contact you and give yourself a month of feeling sad then after a month check back in with yourself and see how your feeling. Staying with someone who doesn't love and respect you will absolutely ruin your life long term and breaking up is going to hurt if you do it now or in 10 years but if you do it now you can be happy in the foreseeable future.

  10. Then he should reconsider being in a relationship and definitely should not be getting married if his trauma as a result of that experience is so bad that he is exhibiting such toxic traits.

    Like is he even able to acknowledge how absurd what he is saying is? This isn't even just 'I worry about other men' but right into 'I actively believe you are wanting to cheat on me' and that is a much much scarier place to be. That he thinks this is all okay and rational shows how far away from being healthy he really is.

    This guy is a woodchipper and you are hopping in voluntarily. Just because you understand why he is a woodchipper doesn't make it a good idea to stick a hand in. If anything, all you can affirm from the idea this is trauma is that unless he actively tries to deal with it, which he doesn't seem to have done at all, then this will likely only get worse over time as he becomes more invested in you.

  11. You might have done him a favor by having him back away from her. Not all long term friendships need to stay.

  12. I would suggest deleting it now then, and anything of yours that she has should be deleted as well.

  13. He’s trying to make you leave him, so he doesn’t look like an asshole for dumping a pregnant woman.

  14. Ok then let her abort the baby, everyone is miserable, and they both keep secrets from each other. Better?

  15. Victim blaming? Really? I would say grow up but you’re 44 so I assumed you’d know better by now but I’m wrong.

  16. With respect, you need to refer the GF to the police, and you need to talk to a lawyer ASAP to figure out your options.

    You're married to a criminal stalker who is escalating his crimes.

  17. How do you just go live! and find four guys to fuck your wife that easily?

    That's the most credible part. Finding men willing to fuck your wife is something anyone with internet connection can do in 30 minutes. Having them do testing might take a few days or maybe weeks.

  18. She knows all of my PINs and passwords. I'm 100% open with her. I'm not aware of when she checks, or even if she does. She accuses me of being sneaky or shady and my response is an instant “here, check my phone.” I don't delete, I'm forthcoming with anything that could be misinterpreted as impropriety. I have found shady things in her phone before, that she lied about when asked.

  19. It’s really telling that he views outgoingness as a “masculine” trait. It sounds like he wants a meek, subservient woman who doesn’t have thoughts or opinions of her own. Not really a cute look for him.

  20. Not necessarily. You have a decent amount of control over how you look as you age. And sometimes your personality changes because of external events.

  21. Please see a divorce lawyer & see what your financial obligations will be if you do separate & divorce. Depending on where you live, financial obligations vary widely. In the meantime, open up a new bank account at another bank & start putting money in it. Find your passport & other important papers (including your taxes for the past few years) & put them somewhere safe. Take your tax returns to your 1st meeting with the lawyer. See if your job can transfer you to another state or country. Once you decide to go for it, make a clean break. Block your family on everything & communicate only through your lawyer.

  22. Who cares what he was doing with it before you saw it? When you did see it he just broke it. That just seems completely unhinged. Surely you can't be ok living like that?

  23. I’m confused how you’re stuck between med school or your bf… you’re not even done with your Bachelor’s yet.

    Let’s take things one step at a time dear

  24. Yeah… We would both benefit right now, because he’s military. That’s not the only reason I like him. But the main reason for moving so quickly.

  25. And Tiffany will remember going into an emergency C section alone and scared that still wasn't good enough for Amanda. Who will constantly threaten nc if she isn't first over Kelly.

  26. That’s alarming how many in the younger crowd don’t know about this or assume it’s normal guy behavior. This has nothing to do with men vs women thinking. Even a woman could be guilty of coercion. I had a similar relationship back when I was 20. It was so bad I was completely turned off from sex. I wound up dumping that guy, had enough of him. Then I started to realize the problem and that men worth their weight in salt don’t act like that. Now I’m dealing with a gentleman on here who some how isn’t conceiving how coercive sex is rape when penetration is involved even though for both terms, lack of consent is necessary.

  27. You should still not go. It’s not the right environment to reset your relationship.

    Go have a fun night with your friend.

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