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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. A few days ago a straight friend of mine rejected a gay guy in a pretty respectful manner, by pointing out that he's interested in women only. The straight guy got blasted as an anti-LGBT person. I see this situation as a similar one.

  2. Wait so you were having a heart to heart with your ex at the same time you were chatting up the older guy in the restaurant. In the middle of talking about engagement, you stop responding, when he knows you're heading off solo with some rando dude to your hotel.

    And you don't see anything sus here? You told your ex that planning on being with him was less of a priority than your going off to get railed by random guys and party. You didn't even have the sense/decency to finish the conversation with your ex.

  3. My dumbass read this and for a full minute tried to figure out what “pork” was a euphemism for before actually reading the post and realizing my error

  4. You waited up for him – does he have a history of staying out late? Has he cheated or shown poor judgment?

    Having recently been pregnant, I can tell you I'd be annoyed if my partner wanted to go out when I was so close to delivering. I think he was a little selfish, personally.

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