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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. But the OP is not talking about going out clubbing and having to walk 5 blocks to get to the night life. She is talking about long aimless walks late at night for exercise in some particularly shady areas and the boyfriend not comforting her at the moments weirdos holler at her or follow. It’s not unreasonable to expect to feel safe or want to exercise in a gym instead.

  2. You accepting her after her cheating….. She lost respect for you my man. She has lost some/most of her attractiveness towards you. End this relationship now. It's great you forgave her.. good for you. But this relationship was over the moment she cheated then twice over when you essentially gave her a pass consequence free. She may still be out bangin other dudes too. Sorry bro. Cut ties and move on.

  3. She says she sleeps in another room because we wake up at different times, and regarding the dirty looks she says it’s “just her face” but having been together for so long I know this isn’t the case.

    There is literally nothing that I’m hiding here, nothing has happened to set any of this off it’s come out of nowhere!

    I did suggest depression to her which was batted off as being impossible, I have tried to get her to go to a doctor or therapist for help and she refuses.

  4. He doesn’t, but if that’s the main way she actually has pleasure they will need to talk and figure something else out

  5. Only you can decide if cheating and lying are deal-breakers for you. You've said cheating is, yet your actions say it's not. He now knows he can cheat and lie and you will stay. If it really is a deal-breaker that means walking away no matter what.

    Having deal-breakers doesn't mean it's easy to walk away once they show up; it means you love yourself enough to respect the boundaries you've set for your relationship, even when it's not easy.

    Your post reads like being married is the thing that is making you stay…why? Out of inconvenience because it's harder to divorce than break up?

    What if he would have cheated after you were married? Would you still want to stay?

  6. While I’m fully in agreement with you, during the relationship, it seemed like it was the other way around and I was the center of her world. At least, her words made it appear that way. Yes, I was putting in the effort to make things work, but she also seemed to really want things to move forward but was unable to find a way.

    I appreciate your input. Thanks.

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