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Date: September 26, 2022

7 thoughts on “Tikhomirov online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Start a new hobby like taking a learn to climb class at a local climbing gym. Friends are friends because of shared interests. So, start up a new hobby like climbing, something physical because physical activities cause your body to produce endorphins (happy hormone). Find another hobby that interests you and join a club… clubbing is ok, but to make deeper friendships, you need to meet people that share your interests…

  2. I said we can hangout in other rooms, I'm just not willing to kick him out of his room. And she spent the entire day at the mall today so it obviously doesn't bug her that much

  3. Ok wow. I had to stop reading this. People don’t get to do things to you that you don’t enjoy, just because they do. If you don’t like receiving oral…he should not be giving it to you. Period. You can’t let him make you feel icky because of his toxic ideas that you should enjoy it.

    Plus…31 and 23? No. Girl no.

  4. I'm sorry that you were taken advantage of like that, and I'm glad that you've realised that and have taken actions to protect yourself. I hope you're okay now. It truly sucks to have pure intentions when the other party doesn't.

  5. “things progressed rather quicker that I intended and I am now pregnant with his child”

    “He gets overly jealous when the other parent gets mentioned and doesn’t trust me around the other parent if he’s not in the room with him.”

    “I mentioned it to my partner and he reacted very badly . He got really upset and told me off. He said that he’s tired of my bullshit and went out drinking without telling me where he was going nor when he was coming home.”

    Yikes; is it still legal to get unpregnant with his child where you live? Because you should – you need to get away right away. Unreasonable jealousy and rapid relationship escalation (like having a kid with someone you've been dating less than a year) are very serious red flags, and there are multiples here, which means I think you should run. This guy is an abusively jealous, controlling asshole, and you need to sever all ties with him – and not attach yourself to him forever with a kid, if that's still possible.

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