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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Baked beans are a common breakfast food in Commonwealth countries like the UK, Australia and NZ. Op also spells the word Mum which checks.

  2. So he spend 4k – that he someone hid from yoi while you work your ass off to finance you both – to get a plastic surgery behind your back and mostly lied to you several times about where he goes and and you couldn't even see a difference?! If he really think a marriage means that he doesn't need to tell you such important things, he can keep money behind your back and use it like he wants while you just scrap by… i would worry what else he hides from you since his values are kinda off. And how did he even got the 4k?

    Please be careful not to get used.

  3. In fact, when I questioned her about this (which as you say, was maybe not helpful that I told her I was worried, and went into a lot of detail on it), she said that she had thought “maybe in another life” in regards to some people or someone. This was only after a lot of prompting. I've only just remembered this, I think I buried it.

    Now I'm conflicted, is this just a normal expected thing that happens in relationships, especially on long distance? You meet people and think, I could be in a relationship with them, but have no intention of perusing that relationship?

    I don't know if that is emotional cheating or not. Part of me thinks it slightly is, another part of me thinks it's out of our control to have these semi-intrusive thoughts about relationship with other people or the greener grass on the other side.

    If it is emotional cheating, then I feel like I've been gaslit a bit when I was told that I was in the wrong for asking if she had found something with someone else while away. She thinks I have broke her trust by asking this, but when I think about it, is it her who has broke the trust by having these thoughts, or are those thoughts okay, as long as she doesn't act on them?

    Should I ask her who that some people or someone was?

  4. Seconding this and thirding the one before. Do this, OP.

    Be unflappable. I know it'll be super hot after all this time but you'll just be setting yourself up for more heartache though your heart of hearts will try to tell you that there's always a chance.

    Don't do it. Lick your wounds and move on. Trust me, I KNOW it's hard but I've been you before and it never works out after something like that.

  5. Unless/until people agree to be exclusive, they aren’t. So….it’s none of your business. If this guy likes her so much, he could have that convo with her—about making it official and exclusive. And then she can decide if that’s what she wants or not. Same goes for her. If she wanted to be exclusive, she could ask.

    So just stay out of it.

  6. This! Theres 2 things like this with my husband

    I've never been a fan of chest hair but for some reason I love it on my husband.

    Facial hair, looks good on other guys but hate it on him.

    I feel like this isn't so uncommon in relationships but what do I know I've been with my husband since I was 19. Oh and you're absolutely right, feet are GROSS ?.

  7. I don’t buy anything that you’re saying lady. I think you’re just doing this, so you don’t feel bad. And you can continue on with the Sky and have a sex life. The only thing that I pray for you tonight is that it doesn’t backfire on you because by the time it does it already be too late. And statistics are skew just like everything else in the world. I’m a researcher and if you want statistics, I will take you up a ton of them. But that isn’t the point is it you want to be able to sleep with him and continue on and take your chances so good luck to you.

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