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Date: September 21, 2022

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  1. Then she should follow the guidelines given by her parents. Her education should take priority and if she's not allowed to date while her parents fund her life, she should stick to the rules. You don't have stick around for that obviously, but I wouldn't expect someone to sacrifice their education for me.

  2. Thanks again for this! I'm hoping there is a balance that will let me move forward (a bit) but not be the stick in the mud I have sadly become. I don't want to be joyless and resentful of anything/anyone around me who is happy and sparkly (like Jenny). So maybe I can work on finding a different job that uses my best tech support expertise but doesn't require me to manage lots of people and push paper. And I'm pretty sure I could join my wife for an occasional drink or edible while still having a generally healthy life, and I could break out some of my old “fun” clothes at least for workouts and weekends, and we could go back to playing video games together for a few hours here and there without the games taking over our lives.

    In any event, you are right that I can't live my life for family members and friends who are judging me for choosing a fun (but self-supporting and generally productive) life over one that revolves around climbing the corporate ladder. I have tried their path and it's only made me unhappy and distant from my wonderful wife – definitely not a path to continue.

  3. Time to separate again!!

    Stop living a horrible life thinking you can save him. He needs to do this on his own!

  4. I have news for you, literally EVERYTHING in his journal is something you shouldn’t have read in his journal. Those are his private thoughts and were not meant to be read and analyzed by others. This is essentially therapy for him, would you judge him for talking about his feelings with a therapist? Would you try to eavesdrop? Actually I think you might.

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