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Date: September 24, 2022
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  1. She was with her friends and not doing anything wrong. I’m a survivor of assault, and your logic is very much victim blaming. I don’t drink much anymore, but the idea that a woman simply drinking with friends (not vomiting, crying, trying to drive or do something reckless, not in danger) requires a man to physically remove her is insane.

  2. If he’s following people on social media and nothing beyond that, they probably won’t do anything. But. I would absolutely get in touch because he continues to follow despite you removing him. There may be more so speaking up is the right thing to do.

  3. Life’s too short. Wish him and his hand well, and move on. You’ve wasted too much time already.

  4. And your wife is right.

    You should not have taken your kids to pick him up.

    If you want a relationship with your father, all good.

    Your wife doesn’t, and sorry but where kids are concerned, 2 yes 1 no, she doesn’t want them around him, so you should be accepting of that.

    If you hadn’t already royally screwed this up, I’d be telling you that you should be slowly reintroducing him to your family, start with a dinner at home for an hour or so, then work your way through with your wife over several events so that your wife can learn to trust him.

    But you already ruined your chances of that at least in the short to medium term.

  5. Her getting an occasional message from an ex was no threat, and the lying and covering up was the likely, and counterproductive, result of your action.

  6. It's more like the outcome of events are influenced by more than just your free will, because other people's free will and decisions impact outcomes as well. You have free will but your choice may not get you the desired outcome because your partner also has free will. In the situation above, the partner with boundaries is removing the possibility of “I get to hang out with Jim AND keep my relationship” from the table, because their free will choice will be to leave the relationship if the partner continues hanging out with Jim.

    People want to look at that and say “you're giving me an umtimatum,” and while technically true, in a way the partner who wants to hang out with Jim is also giving an ultimatum of “let me hang out with Jim or our relationship is done.”

    Both people have free will to make a choice, but that doesn't mean that both or even either of them get to make their most desired choice and get their most desired outcome. This is why long-term partners have to be on or very close to the same page on these sorts of dealbreaker boundary type issues.

  7. Bro where is your self respect this behavior s unacceptable break up with this trashcan before you take a bigger L than you already have. The only way to deal with these types is to break up and disengage. Autism doesn’t mean you get a free pass to be an asshole bro

    Drunk and crying instead of taking action in your life , ask yourself how much disrespect is enough , do you have to catch her cheating (because already projecting) , talking down about you , a gang bang. This is harsh but bro really how much ?

    I can already tell you’re the type to not listen no matter what so I m just gonna wait for an update.

  8. People react strangely to abuse all the time, I'm not denying that. However, if what he's saying is true and what you're describing is also true, then he's not in a place where he's ready for a new relationship. He's not over her and what went down, and he likely needs to talk to a professional to sort out all those messy feelings.

    I'm still friends with some of my exes and follow them on social media etc, but not the assholes. I've still got gifts they've given me, and I have no plan of ever getting rid of them, and I can understand keeping furniture but…

    her makeup, he shampoo, lotions, hair ties , blow dryer, dead flowers, underwear, pads, tampons, clothes, even her vibrator that i ended up finding.

    It's like this guy is hoping she'll come back and wants to ensure she can move right back in as if nothing ever happened. He could have just packed those things up in a box and mailed them to her.

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