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Sophia receives a sensual massage by all friends [Multi Goal]

Date: September 30, 2022

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  2. Classic, right? I justified so many red flags, which is enough to make anyone doubtful of my judgement (including myself).

    I'm not moping about it though, jesus.

  3. His dad is honestly worse. He is taking advantage of a vulnerable woman, cheating on his wife, and fuck his son's gf. That is three huge violations there, any one of which would be enough for me to cut off a family member.

  4. the thing is i don’t know if i actually did yell at him or say certain things, my memory has been getting a bit bad because of stress between him, my mom’s situation, and personal issues. i’m terrified that i actually did do those things and i just…forgot. and if i leave him then i lose a good one, but he really does have good and bad days and sometimes takes it out on me, but doesn’t everyone do that?

  5. Your sister has your back here. While she wasn’t right to do this, she probably saw what was hot for people with rose coloured glasses in the relationship can’t see, which is that your bf has wandering eyes. Dump your bf and thank your sis

  6. Then it's up to you what you want in your life. I would not wish to have a partner like that.

  7. No no, it’s not you are unworthy, it’s because he’s a dog. Even many of the women in those photos have the exact same problem as you do with their men.

    Also, most women could do thirst trap photography. All you need is to have very good quality make up or air brush make up that you know how to apply to look good in the lighting. False eyelashes, knowing the best eyeliner applications to make your eyes pop and look alluring. A Brazilian butt augmentation and lift (which many of those models invest in), or angles that put your butt out more profound. Then know how to position and get the lighting perfect to accent the flattering contours while concealing unflattering stuff. Then if the pictures still make you unhappy, certain things can be airbrushed out, and filters get used. Then you got the perfect thirst trap photo. Funny thing is, guys are not stupid. I think most of them are smart enough to realize what great lengths and processes are done to create fantasy women pics. Nevertheless, they still enjoy gawking at them even when they know this. It’s kind of like how we know WWE wrestling is rigged and really practiced moves with fixed decisions on who wins, yet that doesn’t stop many of us from watching, or even going to matches.

  8. This is not grounds to break up with your boyfriend. Your boyfriend was in the right here and gave a racist a piece of his mind.

    That being said it’ll def be awkward for a time forsure but I hope your brother learned from this.

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