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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Could stress play a factor in all of this? She has been under a huge pile of stress due to our exams and her parents being restrictive.

  2. I'd check with your girlfriend, but flowers/chocolates/nice bottle of wine or some mix of those kind of things could work.

  3. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    My (30F) husband (29M) yelled at me in front our kids this morning saying he hates me.

    Some background of the events that led to this. His grandpa (93M) passed away at the end of last month and his funeral is today. Last night around 11pm, his sister (my SIL, 21F) was over and we were talking. She was in our kitchen and my husband and I were at the dining room table. Suddenly, she said she felt like she was going to faint and she fell and hit her head very hot on the solid tile floor. Being trained in first aid I put her in the rest position and checked over her when I noticed lots of blood. I called 911 and she started violently throwing up. My husband ended up following the ambulance to the hospital where she was treated for a concussion and received 5 stitches, meanwhile I cleaned the kitchen of the mess. My MIL ended up going to the hospital too and she stayed with my SIL so my husband could come home, this was around 2:45. When we finally crawled into bed at 3am one of our kids woke up and I got back into bed at 4 to try and get some sleep. She wasn’t released from the hospital until 4 this morning. My husband got up at 5 to get ready to drive to their grandpas funeral this morning and I got up with our children shortly after.

    It was evident he was… off this morning. He was taking everything I said or did as me being in a bad mood. The kids were being a handful this morning, and I was definitely a little bit sarcastic with them but I was totally ok. Everything I did he was acting like I wasn’t ok and asking if I was angry with him even after I said I was just tired after getting barely an hour of sleep and I’m on my second day of strong antibiotics for a bad sinus infection. I told him his behaviour was starting to make me annoyed because I was fine, just trying to get my head awake and ready for the day after a long day. He apologized and then continued to just take everything I did as me being annoyed.

    As I finally got around to pouring myself a cup of coffee he said “what’s going on with you?” And I said “husband, stop! I was fine and now you’re just pushing me into actually being in a bad mood! Just stop!” I didn’t yell, I just said it firmly. He said “ok I’m sorry, I’ll just go to my grandpas funeral now.” I told him he was late and it was best if he hurried and got on the road to pick up his mom.

    That’s when he lost it. He yelled he just hated me sometimes and I “always do this” and he just can’t stand me. He threw something in the main entrance but I was helping the kids with breakfast so I can’t say for certain what it was. I looked at him and very sternly said “you need to leave, now” that made him more angry and he said “don’t talk to me like that” and I repeated myself “leave now”. He left and 2 seconds later came in apologizing saying the stress of the past few weeks took a toll on him and then the event with his sister stressed him out more and he took it all out on me. He kept trying to touch my shoulder and I told him to not touch me and to just leave. He kept apologizing and I said “I acknowledge your apology, I have received it, but I do not forgive you right now, please leave” and he apologized again as he left.

    When he left, my daughter started crying that daddy scared her and it broke my heart.

    I need advice for how to handle this situation and tell my husband that his behaviour is unacceptable and intolerable. Even if I were being grumpy and moody, nothing I did warranted that response. I need to make it abundantly clear that if he ever acts that way again in front our children that we will be separating. I want him to go to anger management. These blowups aren’t frequent, but when they happen they are bad and he is unable to control his anger in front our children. My father was an angry man and I grew up in fear of him and I promised myself I wouldn’t let my children have those same experiences. I want to handle this appropriately, not just rush to divorce or separating, I want to offer him the chance to better himself, but I want to tread lightly as to not insult him or set him off.

    TLDR : My (30F) husband (29M) had an angry explosive moment in front of our children and yelled he hated me, he apologized. I need advice on how to approach him with boundaries like attending an anger management program and another event like this in front of the kids will lead to separation.

  4. I’m glad to see from your last update that you’ve taken a major step back. It’s good to be apart, and I doubt you’ll be able to do what you want – to grow socially and personally – with her in your life.

    She, an adult, has secretly pursued you since you were 13. That’s predatory. If it had been okay, then it would have been okay for your parents and your sister to know. It wasn’t, that’s why she made you keep it a secret. Now she wants to be married at 25 – so why is she with a 19 year old?

    Your sister is right, and it’s good she’s dead to her. Sis knows that her friend is a creep who did something very, very wrong.

    I hope you apply for and get into another study abroad opportunity! Great way to start expanding your world.

  5. He does have other options. If he can't use his imagination and says he absolutely needs porn then he's an addict. If that's the case, I'd run

  6. Just make sure she really does want you in her life. if that's the case then you can even ask help from your parents.

    And as for her parents, I don't think they'll deny a successful doctor as their son in law.

    She may not want that risk but if you're confident enough, go for it. fight for the ones you love, good things never come easy. take a risk with her.

  7. It’s called respect. If you’ve had a big argument I think it’s perfectly valid to have your partner ask first before kissing or hugging – in case you don’t know if they’re comfortable with that or not yet

  8. you want to have a child without having to do the thing we do with a child? basically, you are telling you want to impregnate a woman and nothing more. you should wonder what you really like.

    if she just want a sperm donor, have an attorney put it on paper. remeber, sperm donors don't go see their gets after the donation.

  9. I honestly don't think he seems really invested in your relationship at all, no matter what he says otherwise. He might just be really bad at communication… But in my mind, if before this point he hadn't shown you that he was truly invested until he found you on a dating app and now is suddenly claiming he was going to ask you to be his girlfriend before that seems a bit convenient? I also don't believe your relationship will be as good in communication if you two basically only talk on Snapchat. And he can't have conversations with more than one word? Or just general small talk?

    None of that screams “I'm invested in this and want you to be my girlfriend” to me. It kind of says to me, “I want you to think I'm invested so you won't find someone better.”

  10. You have a right to have boundaries, if he is not willing to accept then it is totally okay to leave the relationship and find someone who better suits you. It isn’t the end of the world to let go of someone who disrespects you, even if strangers on the internet don’t see the same things as disrespectful that you do.

  11. I dont understand why would anyone want to make out with a super drunk person. That guy is weird. He probably also knew you had a boyfriend

  12. Nope. You are just fine. You do not need to forgive a guy that broke your trust, cheat and gave you a STI. You also do not need to justify crap to these other two who seem more his friend than yours.

  13. i am just guessing but i wonder if it’s because you hung out with her for such a long date and then didn’t talk to her for 2 days. from my pov she was waiting to hear from you and didn’t and then possibly got upset.

  14. Another breakup, a new relationship, a new kid. OP’s gonna have kids from four different men and isn’t going to be married any of them.

  15. How long is this relationship going to be long distance for? At what point will you move to him or will he move to you? I ask this because if there is no possibility of either of those things happening any time soon, then I think you need to face reality and realise that you're wasting your time in a relationship that isn't going anywhere.

  16. OP, I have a feeling that’s when you do talk to him. He will break down and start crying and apologizing profusely. Be very very careful because this honestly sounds like the start of an abusive relationship. Especially with the amount of times you questioned yourself. Have you always questioned yourself and your feeling before you met him??

  17. You leave him. That '95%' of the time doesn't matter if when the mask comes off you see the monster beneath. He gaslit you, manipulated you by threatening to kill himself (which is a form of abuse), and continued to lie repeatedly. The thing is, he keeps breaking your boundaries, and you keep letting him, which means they aren't boundaries at all…just wind.

    Next time he threatens to kill himself, call the authorities and his parents and leave. Even if he were being honest, which he isn't, someone in that state requires more help than you can give. If he's manipulating you, then he learns a valuable lesson that actions have consequences. And you get the fuck out.

  18. Saying that she has a BF is not a good strategy. Men will then say “then let me be your dirty secret” or “I'll show you such a good time you'll break up with him pronto”.

    But most of all, I don't like your attitude. Like, she's not going to give them the time of day because she's already taken? Like, you have ownership? That's not how it works. Your GF is free to dump you and go out with another guy any time she likes.

    With your owner attitude, that might happen sooner than you'd hope.

  19. Tbh this sounds like you want to start something that isn't there. Stop overthinking the semantics of your SOs respect for your relationship.

  20. OP, cut your losses and dump him.

    You deserve someone who will treat you with respect.

    Your bf sounds like a horrible, spoiled child. With racist parents.

    Very hot NO.

  21. Pull out like what are you doing? Your wife comes to you with a breeding kink after you denied that another baby, snd your just gonna but in her still? Come on.

  22. My cousin has maintained a relationship with her father despite his years of physical and verbal abuse of my aunt and cousins. He ran off with an affair partner too.

    It’s definitely changed their relationship and soured that cousin’s relationships with her sisters. My aunt is incredibly hurt every time my cousin chooses to spend time with her father. They stay in touch but I really think it would be mentally healthy for all them to sever ties with the one.

  23. You can’t take drunk people seriously. Just wait for the apology to come. I can’t imagine he will try to defend drunk logic. What a mess.

  24. I'm sorry I replied to you specifically. I was responding to all the comments in general saying “how can this be” and “no way” etc. and happened to click yours.

    We all need to drop the disbelief because in most of our fucked up patriarchal cultures, this kind of shit is the norm against women.

    It got to me that so many of the comments were like that, like this is something out of the ordinary when it's another Tuesday all over the world for women.

  25. Yeah it's always a great idea to try and get back at someone instead of talking to them, especially posting photos of yourself, what could possibly go wrong.

  26. She's not suitable to be your girlfriend. It's lucky you found that out early. Since you don't want to blow up your circle of friends, just open her messages, tell her that it's not a problem and age doesn't need to worry about it, and at that. Don't hang out with her or flirt with her in future, and just be respectful and civil when you see her in your friends group in future, but don't spend any time with her.

  27. I have no idea what you are trying to say. I don't mean that I think you're wrong, I'm saying your comment doesn't make sense to me. Maybe there are type-os that you should edit

  28. His parents can't force him to come back, really… he's 18. If he applies for student assistance then his parents don't have any real authority or financial leverage over him.

    Maybe things are different in your part of the world but as far as I know, you can't apply for student assistance for the year, once the year has started. Those types of things usually have strict application periods and deadlines.

    Also, with financial assistance, his parent's income may affect his ability to get it and getting a loan outside of the university assistance program would need a guarantor, and not many people outside of a person's parents would be willing to guarantee a 10s of thousands of dollar loan for an 18 year old.

    Life isn't as simple as your 18 now, you can do whatever you want, A was essentially forced in a practical sense unless you're expecting an 18 year old to find a job that can sustain his needs (food, rent, toiletries etc.) and put himself through school (tuition, textbooks etc.) with like 5 minutes notices.

    But all in all, if A really was a danger to others, the situation worked out for the best.

  29. learning about other peoples experiences doesn’t do anything? wow….. thank you for inadvertently admitting that you’ve never read a book before and learned something from it. that’s crazy man

  30. I'm sorry but if they are physically abusive to her and as a family can't get into counseling there's nothing you can do. If things stay the way they are you are going to end up having to put hands on her kids. I'm sure the eldest is already her size if not bigger. It sounds like she isn't ready to be the authority figure in that house. She may be afraid to lose them after all the drama with the separation from her husband but if she keeps letting these behaviors go it's only going to escalate. They are minors they have little rights about seeing a therapist she needed to drag their asses there instead of hockey.

    It's obviously not just her fault for their behavior. I'm sorry it didn't work out and if you make up that's fine but make a boundary that everyone needs to see a family counselor.

  31. That’s not your nightmare. That’s someone else’s nightmare and you have to do what’s best for at this moment. Trust your gut.

  32. Thank you. I've decided to go through with the divorce. I'll never be able to trust him again.

  33. Look into your local laws on pet ownership. Where I'm from pets are still considered property so there isn't really a custody agreement for them (despite pets basically being like family to people).

    In general best case scenario is to sit down and talk about how property including the house and pet would be split up in case of a break up.

    Worst case is you'll need a lawyer to help break things out since the house is jointly in your names and the dog was a joint effort as well.

    If the pet is considered property in your area then you may be able to sway things to your side if you have any itemized proof that you paid more towards its cost or something.

    Honestly though your best bet is to try and have an amicable chat with your soon to be ex…

    Good luck

  34. If he wanted to, he would. *

    Stop pouring your energy into a man that is continually showing no effort. Some people just want to make sure you’re still on the other end of the string and won’t do more than is needed to keep you there.

    I wish I could tell 23yo me this… You’re better off.

  35. They probably wanted to clown, and the spouse probably gives off vibes like he'd squeal if they had extracurricular activities. It's Vegas. Drugs, loose women, or prostitution if they have bad luck.

    Personally I go for the oddities, cheap ammunition, as well as the occasional fight or show. But I've gone on trips with friends in low places and I can be a party-pooper. I don't really gamble, I'm faithful to my wife, and besides weed and booze I'm unwilling to get shitfaced. Some people feel like if you don't partake you may rat.

  36. I totally understand why he's hurt, and I'm not criticizing his emotions. Yes, I get the reason he's worried about that. He's being criticized because he's insisting that's the only reason it could happen and won't even talk to her about it. It's his actions that are the problem, not his feelings.

  37. All I know is that it was a huge breakthrough in my recovery for CPTSD when I actually cried about something that had happened to me in past relationships.

    Like, tryyyy not to cry at the bar, people will be uncomfortable, but shit also happens. She had been drinking and she was surprised. I have had a streak where the last 3 or so guys I have dated married the next one so I’m used to it, but it can be upsetting if you had been ready to marry them.

  38. Well he also does a lot of really considerate things that often surprise me like organise a picnic or cooking a meal that took a lot of time and considerate thinking, like cooking me this dish that my mother used to make me with my favourite desert. Weirdly in depth I know but there are a number of signs that he’s into it, even him telling me he really likes me. But timing is the question?

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