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  1. These are things he did before you were dating and you’re holding it against him. I understand this is a big issue but how would you feel about someone holding your past behavior against you when it had nothing to do with them?

  2. That's not a healthy, two sided relationship at all and you need to address it, and he needs to work to fixing it before it becomes an even bigger issue.

  3. It really sounds like she doesn't want children period. Have you two discussed adoption? Have you discussed IVF (if necessary)? She is getting to the age where IVF may be necessary.

    If you want kids in your future, you will have to do it with someone else.

    I know that hurts to hear. But this is a fundamental value that the two of you disagree on. I will suggest getting counseling. A good counselor can help the two of you have a constructive conversation around this. Without either of you getting overly emotional.

    Which is to be expected. This is an emotional discussion. This is an emotional decision.

    Take care of yourself.


  4. If he's the owner, scorched earth would be to forward everything and post a review live about the harassment. Go to the paper maybe.

  5. You have to tell her, but this doesn't mean the end of the road for your goal of having children. There are still plenty of ways to have a child. Through adoption there are thousands of children waiting for a loving family. Or you can get a donor through a sperm bank if you guys want to go through the process of pregnancy. Things might not be going the way you expected but you are still totally capable of raising a loving family!

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