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  1. Well it sounds like he is going the route of becoming his abuser. Emotional/verbal abuse can be worse than physical. You cannot 'fix' a lifetime of that type of conditioning, only he he can. It sounds like he isn't the type to be self aware enough for that growth.

    Move on, protect your children from becoming like him or being emotional abuse victims and continuing the cycle. If you subject them to it, it will harm your relationship with them when they are older.

  2. You aren't in a “committed relationship” OP, in fact you are about as far from one as you can be.

    She has a choice to make and it's a very simple choice for her – who does she keep in her life. Him or you.

    You have made your discomfort known, she is still obviously close with him and at this stage, is choosing him over you. That is not the way anyone in a committed relationship should be.

    A committed relationship doesn't involve lying and subterfuge. A committed relationship doesn't involve making your partner, the person you are supposed to love, feel like they are always going to be in second place. A committed relationship shouldn't involve one partner always questioning their place in their partners life.

    Yet here you, with all of these now disrupting your lives together.

    So she has a choice but sadly even if she makes it this will not solve anything. She has allowed you to be the third wheel in your own relationship on purpose. The rot was there right from the start and it's only now, sadly 3 years after the fact, that you are now aware of the full extent of her wanting to be a cake eater.

    Can you trust her ever again? Well, it may be better to ask yourself why you should even be asking this question in the first place.

    As the saying goes, always worry about the “friend” that they tell you you shouldn't be worried about. These people remain in their lives for a reason. It may be that the time was never right, that the stars ever aligned, that they always had another partner and so on.

    The risk you run is what happens on that day when the stars do align, if the time happens to be right? Where does that leave you?

    I hate to say it but you had a good run for three years but that run is at an end. She has a choice to make and regardless of what choice she makes, it will not solve anything. Because you know that if ever she is asked to make that choice, she will choose him.

    And that's all you need to know that your “committed relationship' was never really that committed. You were always just a place holder to her ex.

  3. You were single, did he think you’d just be moping around until he decided he wanted you back. You’ve got zero reason to feel bad for this OP.

  4. Yeah I’m thinking this is what it’s going to come to. I was really hoping he’d say “I prioritize you over going to some silly multi-day party, and I’m not going to go do something that I know makes you uncomfortable, especially when you’re offering up multiple reasonable compromises.”

    But clearly that’s not the response I’m getting. Even after spending the entire evening trying to communicate with him like an adult.

  5. Why would you want to be with a liar who is bound to cheat?

    If you know he is a cheater and you know you won't do anything about his cheating then stop looking for the thing that is going to hurt you and will do nothing about.

    my uncle who never got married but continues to be a huge womanizer once said “don't go looking for things you don't want to see”.

    while I don't agree with his lifestyle I understand it cause he is a man and while he is still not too old he can still pull a ton of women he won't be having a happy life since when he gets too old no one will want to marry him and he will end up alone. which is a sad truth.

    dump the man find yourself someone better. or do what women of the past did they turned a blind eye to what their husbands did because at least he came home.

    unless you are terribly ugly any woman can go out in this era and find themselves a better guy in less than a few hours.

  6. Now we know why he wants to move in with the friends, lol. If you already told him that he can't live like that, especially if he wants to be with you, and he hasn't changed – ditch him. You don't need a child that's 26 years old.

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