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Date: September 25, 2022

14 thoughts on “Rileyjay online webcams for YOU!

  1. Lemme tell ya while slumming it through the unsweets it is exhausting please forgive those of us who make hate all men statements it's like gold mining that period in America

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  3. Called his bluff? She put her nose in his business. He didn’t even say anything. There was no game to bluff in. She got in his face about being anxious and she said it’s not a life and death situation. All he said was that it felt like it.

    He didn’t run around the house screaming he was going to die at which point his heroic gf called the bluff on her hysterical boyfriend.

  4. Would you give your eggs to your almost 50 yo mom to have another kid?


    Straight up no.

    Does she expect you to be a surrogate as well?

  5. It doesn't sound like this relationship could be saved, but having only heard one side, I don't think we should assume she didn't even put “bare minimum efforts” into their relationship. I'd be willing to bet if we read her side of things instead of his, we'd be hearing she bent over backwards to make him comfortable. That's the way it is–we all see things from our own point of view, and rarely understand much about the efforts and compromise others are making.

  6. Gotta say, the whole visit and driving her home comes off as an effort to make you feel bad for her and for her to get back into your life. It worked as you’re thinking about her and have unblocked her.

    There’s no reason to see her again. A new t-shirt, hoodie and sweatpants won’t break the bank. Just throw away the underwear, block her and move on. She’s a grown adult, she’ll be fine.

  7. Why are you even with him at this point? Trust is the number one thing that makes a relationship work. If there’s no trust, it’s not going to work. Get out of that situation.

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