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Date: September 25, 2022

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  2. This. She may have had reason to find romantic and sexual fulfillment elsewhere, but what she did to her husband is unacceptable. She should have ended her marriage, rather than choose to actively betray her husband. It’s upsetting that OP condones this, and now his wife is seeing that his “cheating is unacceptable,” stance does have exceptions. Ones he could use to justify his own cheating.

  3. Then you should at least have the empathy to understand why Op isn’t clearly seeing how her symptoms of Autism is why she has horrible social skills across the board.

    I have ASD, but do not struggle socially, romantically, or career wise either. I’m no support needs/super high functioning on the spectrum with ADHD. Been diagnosed since 1995.

    And no, unless you have no support needs like me, a person on the spectrum will NOT be aware of what they are doing wrong socially unless someone sits them to talk to them why they are doing things that are hurtful.

    No one clearly had said anything and from the look of things she has no friends, which means due to her ASD she struggles to maintain any connections because she doesn’t know how to period. She doesn’t understand nuances, sarcasm, non-verbal communication. This is why she doesn’t realize what is going on.

  4. Really though, your boyfriend is being irrational. He trusts you or he doesn’t. If the trainer is a creep, find a different trainer.

  5. Her needs are trumping and trampling yours.

    You obviously feel uncomfortable. Listen to your gut.

    Also, go through reddit.. most threesoms where all parties were “comfortable” led to the end of the relationship, much less your situation

  6. Why don’t you both just shower directly before sex? My boyfriend and I always do. Is that weird? Are we weirdos?

  7. It was before you. You promised not to judge her and now you are. It'll probably be better with someone having experience.

  8. And you're 23 doing absolutely nothing with your life. It's rich how you say not to bother strangers live because it's immature, and yet you came to reddit yourself to spew your childishness. Oh, and even 34yos with kids and jobs have this thing called downtime. But hey, what does a little girl who's never actually had a family of her own know about how to manage a family? You're hilarious.

  9. Get away from this POS. Warn your wife. And let him know if he tries anything with your wife, you’ll tell his wife and the husband of the woman he cheated with.

  10. I would just say congratulations and good luck. Be honest with and kind to each other.

    Finding meaningful relationships gets harder to do as you get older.

  11. Figure out how to move away to a place that you can live work and study on your own. Or abandon pre-med and go on-line your life away from your father. Or marry her. Those are really your old 3 choices.

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