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Date: September 23, 2022

11 thoughts on “Nika

  1. I had this exact same problem with an ex that I was still living with. We had broken up amicably; we just weren't compatible as partners but we continued living together because we at least felt comfortable with each other, our rent was cheap, it was a decent apartment and I didn't wanna force him to find a new apartment (I found the apartment before we started dating and he moved in later so it was only in my name).

    After we had broken up, he was fired from his job (for a stupid reason but that's besides the point) and didn't get a new job for 6 or 7 months. I can't tell you how quickly we went from amicable breakup still good friends, to me resenting him so much that I could hardly stand to be in the house with him. It was worse because we were no longer together so it wasn't supposed to be up to me to help support him, but I had to along with his parents, and it really ate away at me. As I was moving out later on, I even found out that he had lied to me about applying for several jobs when I was nagging him to get a job and pull his weight.

    Coincidentally, he found a job right after I moved out (funny, that), and as much as I don't agree with ultimatums as a general rule, this may be the time for one. Relationships can sometimes mean supporting your partner when they fall on hard times, true, but you have been doing that for three months now and by your own admission it is exhausting you. Being his partner and being supportive doesn't mean you should have to run yourself into the ground to do so. This situation is essentially making you feel the way that he felt, enough so to quit his job, and the fact he doesn't see that or acknowledge it is sad. It could be literally any old job working part-time at this point, at least he would be contributing SOMETHING.

  2. One thing I've seen people suggest is that you write down everything you felt when she left you, how she acted, how she tore you apart etc. and then don't send it. It sounds like you very much want to move on without her, so do whatever you need to do to help yourself without giving her openings to stay in contact.

  3. The funeral would be a good time to do it. Bring the mistress along as your date, too. That way everyone has 'closure'.

  4. This is manipulation!!!

    This is what you do… Get in touch with her friends and family, doesn't matter if you know them well or not. Let them know about the end of the relationship and her threats, so express your concern for her wellbeing, I'm assuming these threats she is making are because you have already tried to end the relationship. Tell them she needs their support, honestly I'd be tempted to have some of them around when you actually officially end the relationship, or at least let them know when you will be speaking to her so they can be ready.

    People making threats as a way to manipulate others more often than not are making empty threats, however it's best to be safe then sorry and honestly even if someone is making empty threats like this, they need help.

    She is not your responsibility, her life, her mental health is not yours to fix, all you can do is try to ensure she has the support of those around her, that's the best you can do.

  5. >but my failed advances hit my insecurities and leave me horny and slightly depressed. We have very open communication and are doing well in pretty much every other part of our relationship

    These two sentences don't match. If you're making advances at him, and he doesn't know you're making advances (“they failed”), then I don't know if you're communicating it with him correctly.

    >I often try impromptu blow jobs that sometimes work and sometimes just seem to bore him.

    Kink friendly doesn't mean enjoying ALL types of sex acts. For example, I'm kink friendly, but I hate receiving oral sex, and I never met a woman before who actually made it feel good.

    >or if there’s anything I can do to more successfully encourage more sex.

    Do you two actually communicate? Does he actually like you? Why is he even dating you?

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