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  1. never understood why dudes try to convince other dudes that “male hormones” cause them to make stupid decisions.

    It's just not true. Don't get me wrong, i've made some really stupid decisions where or there based on horniness, but the underlying problem was not male hormones, it was selfishness.

  2. I really try not to judge people with the whole “why are you with them”, because most of the time these people are trapped in an abusive relationship and that makes it super naked to leave.

    But this relationship is four months old and it sounds like it's been shit from the start. So I find myself thinking the exact same thing.

    Why are you still with this guy if being with him is exhausting? You didn't even list one single thing that you liked about him. Not one.

    Just end things now rather than postponing the inevitable and go find someone you actually care about.

  3. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you! It's completely up to you if you want to try and salvage your relationship, but if he seriously believes he is somehow deserving of more respect because he's a man, I'm not sure he'd be willing to put in the work any therapy would require. You deserve love and respect for who you are, no apologies.

  4. No, it's really not. You're just young and keep commenting that he's your first love. Trust me, there's a better match for you out there. Move on now so you can heal and learn from this sooner than later. You also said he hid your birth control at some point as a “joke”, news flash, that's not a fucking joke, that's an extremely terrible showing of major manipulation and attempting to control your body. Next thing you know it'll be five years down the road and dude is physically abusive. Take care of yourself, I know it's hot to think about this right now, but do it for your own sake.

  5. I just did a training this summer about neurodivergence from a late identified autistic speech language pathologist. She brought up the studies about people detecting neurodivergence. There was a piece about how teenagers accurately identified other students as being “ odd “ or “ different “ despite the neurodivergent students receiving years of social skill help. It’s why it’s important that neurotyoical people learn communication styles of neurodivergent people so both can work together. Studies like that are helping us to change our practices in speech – language therapy so that we can truly support people with their individual needs ( if they have them and choose to ask for services ).

  6. Yes exactly. I was talking about how I would trust them enough to expect them to view me in a sexual way – which backs up my view that OP’s wife may have been trusting in the same sense too.

  7. Trust until you're given reason not to, and don't catastrophize or future trip. She's been open with you, and using that to mistrust her when it's actually trustworthy to share is kind of a red flag…for her.

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