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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. This! Sorta … My ex, who I co parent with and am friends with, started keto and would give daily reports of how many carbs he ate and what kind of workout he did. I know he was looking for validation, but it was so annoying. I very deliberately didn't engage because the slightest feign of interest to be supportive just blew it up into long, detailed conversations I had no interest in. My current partner and I support each other really well in this way. It's just a check-in “hey I went to the gym,” “Good for you!” kinda way.

    I'm not saying this is happening here, but my point is, if she's not looking to engage in this type of conversation, then your details are probably just going to annoy her more.

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  3. We only know he said he likes her as she is, that doesn't seem so terrible?

    Another story would be actually getting angry at her for trying to lose weight or trying to stop her from doing it.

    In any case OP needs to do what feel best for her. If she wants to get in shape she has to go for it and he either is ok with this or he can be with someone else.

    It is pretty straightforward…

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