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Date: October 3, 2022
Actors: NadiaWhitee

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  1. Have you directly told her that her dismissive behavior towards your interests and achievements is hurtful? She may not be aware how much it affects you. That’s really all you can do, and if she doesn’t make an effort to change it, you will have your answer.

    Loving partners are genuinely interested and supportive of each other. If you give her an open and honest wakeup call and she is still too self-absorbed to even listen to you talk about your day, it’s time to call it quits on this relationship and find someone who makes you feel happy and cared for.

  2. You’re basically saying she was trying to be helpful and just happened to insult and lash out at him because he wouldn’t accept her loving and gracious help.

    No. She created the conflict. She confronted him. It wasn’t a good faith attempt at help and OP has no obligation to accept her gracious/abusive help.

  3. You don't need help explaining to him because he already understands. Just like he understands if he ignores you and gaslights you by pretending not to, you'll spend all your energy desperately trying to get through to him instead of realizing that he actually just doesn't care.

    This is a hot thing to learn but you have to learn it eventually: It doesn't matter why he's hurting/disrespecting you. The fact is that he knows it upsets you and doesn't care enough to change or stop. That's all you need to know.

  4. Why are you the only one paying? You can't afford that and if she wants pricey things, she needs to contribute. You two need to have a convo about money.

  5. A good therapist will be able to give more actionable advice than any random user on Reddit. And the therapist can help him deal with his resentment towards his wife. A therapist can give him better coping mechanisms and can be the outlet for his venting and anger.

  6. I think that's the cringe part of this situation. Sex between two people is supposed to be about the pleasure for both and when one is neglected, it becomes something completely different that isn't healthy or good at all.

  7. One more than me, my dude I got my wife, yeah she's my best friend and a great one, but there's still things I don't want to talk about with her.

  8. Definitely don’t want to end the relationship over something so stupid as this. But unfortunately the nature in which the messages were deleted takes multiple specific screen-taps :/ so it was definitely intentional

  9. Turn her own morality back on her. If she thinks porn is cheating, how would she feel if you engaged in discussion with girls who sent you naked pictures and continued to entertain them?

    The lack of awareness for the hypocrisy should be all you need to see she doesn't respect you the same way she thinks she deserves. You two have a kid, so it's complicated, or else I'd tell you to cut your losses and run. Going forward however I'd set firm, easy to understand boundaries and let her know your marriage is on the line.

    If the texts continue, then fight like hell for your kid. But don't feel like you're trapped in a marriage where you aren't respected. Fuck that shit, and honestly fuck her for downplaying the seriousness of this situation when you know it'd be raining hellfire if the roles were reversed.

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