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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Please fuck the right off, he has not given any indication of anyone being religious at all. He does not need to cohere to any religious regiments at all if he does not want to,

    To OP, I'm truly sorry for all the torment you and partner are going thru, and only wish the best for everyone's future.

  2. My advise is to just keep it real, there is no need to give a long speech about how she is the greatest woman and praises and all that.

    Just let everyone how you two knew each other and list maybe 3 things you like and respect about her. And wish the couple a long marital bliss.

    It's that simple.

  3. When I was in my early 20s, I also thought I knew all the things. My parents had been married 30+ years, I looked up to them, I’d had a couple longer term relationships, and figured you could make any relationship work if you loved each other enough. My arrogance was extraordinary.

    I call it arrogance because now, in my late 30s, with a 12 year marriage that ended in divorce under my belt, I can tell you I knew very little about the reality of long term relationships. Or even what “love” was, aside from in theory. I was reasonably level headed, but had a ton of trauma I’d never processed and a good amount of damage from dating dudes who were much older than me. My point is that I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. In kind, you sounds very naive, and not at all in a place to make long term life decisions.

    You mention some mental health challenges, what appears to be some high level codependency (immediately moving in with every boyfriend isn’t actually normal or healthy), and some deep insecurity that no dude will ever fix. You want what your parents have and sound as if you’re trying to manufacture that in this one and lock this guy down ASAP. The problem is he’s already proved that his word for forever doesn’t mean forever (divorced), so you’d not be guaranteed that future. It’s also WAY too early. People are usually on their best behaviour for the early part of the relationship, but time is what it takes to see how they really go about life.

    Shelve the marriage fixation. Work on getting healthy: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually (whatever that looks like for you). See if this guy is still a good fit once you’re in a better place. I mean, you’re already living together as if you’re married…so the only thing that could change is access to finances (and debts), and a mountain of paperwork should it not work out.

  4. There is a point where dating for 6 months and getting engaged makes sense- its usually when you're both over 30 and have figured your life out to some extent… But unless you're a fundamentalist christian who wants to have sex but doesn't believe in pre-marital sex, there is no reason to propose when you've been dating 6 months are are 22.

    Why exactly did you propose? I get you want to “Seal the deal” but- getting engaged is generally something you both talk about with some degree of intentionality. Saying “i could see us together forever” is honeymoon talk when you first start dating.

    Dating is the period where you figure things out- your compatibility, your long-term goals and visions, your character, you view of money, your social views, religious practices etc. Then you move into the initial commitment stage- this could be living together, or going on trips together, planning for the future, getting engaged, then the actual commitment stage of marriage or common-law. the younger you are, the longer you need to be dating before moving into any form of commitment because when you're young you don't generally know who you are, you're figuring it out.

    If one person thinks you're moving too fast, you're moving too fast.

    Slow down, enjoy being 22, and let him propose.

  5. They would have to be knee-length in order to be completely sure and very loose. So basically a normal pair of shorts.

    My partner has popped out of his on several occasions. But he never goes around in nothing but boxers when my teenage kids are home unless it's in the middle of the night and he's making a bathroom run.

  6. Kids take over. I used to climb 4-5 times a week. My husband used to go to karate twice a week and go off on karate trips around the world 3-4 times a year. I used to write. My husband drew. Then kids happened. Now I write to do lists and my husband colours in stick figures.

    The shock to the system of giving things up that I thought were a part of what makes me me was almost as bad as the chronic sleep deprivation.


    Our kids are funny, and cuddly and smart and we love them to bits. And now they’re growing up a bit we slowly find time to go back to our hobbies.

    Having kids older doesn’t make things easier. If anything, you get used to having time and independence and disposable income and it’s harder to make those sacrifices.

    We still wouldn’t change it for anything. But don’t expect to have kids and not have your world upended.

  7. Okay, so you are a bit of a weirdo, I won't lie, but at the same time it sounds like he's kind of a dick about it.

  8. Godfathers do not have legal rights or responsibilities. Repeat Godfathers do not have legal rights or responsibilities. I am repeating this for you are overreacting to being asked to be the Godfather. Being asked to be a Godparent is an honor. It is a sign that you are seen as part of the family and that they hold you in high regard.

    You do not know Jake well. No one does. He is a 6-month-old baby. You spend time with him each time you visit. This will make you become closer to Jake. It will help form a special bond with him.

    You do not know what will happen with any relationship in the future. You have been with your girlfriend for a long time, move away and moved in with each other. You are giving her good reason to doubt how serious you are about the relationship. If you truly saw yourself being with her for the rest of your life you would have not had these doubts.

    To me it sounds like you are scared of the responsibilities and using your parents' logic as a way to justify not taking it on. You have been with your girlfriend for over a year and a half. You are in a serious committed relationship with her. You are at the point where you are part of their family also. So you can either keep on playing house with your girlfriend or actually be her true partner.

  9. Exactly it’s just an issue between us. Well me, my wife and her. I have no issue with her wanting to make her own friends lol. That’s not the problem, the problem is her having some kind of issue with us. Hence the reason I have no interest in wanting to be around her. I used to care but I just don’t anymore so that’s why I’m ready to put it on the line and make it obvious to her too that she’s not welcome around us anymore

  10. There's no normal relationships. What everyone else does has nothing to do with what is best for you…and for him.

  11. Why does he not have a job and want to support you? What stops him from leaving the room all day?

  12. From this point forward you are living a lie and making a mockery of the rest of his life. Sorry but you made your bed….

  13. Dude were you born yesterday? She has a hookup app hidden on her phone and got cagey and defensive when you caught her with it.

    Even if she hasn’t cheated yet she’s clearly thinking about it and window shopping whenever you get on her nerves.

  14. He tried to find my address recently since he doesn’t have it (my parents would have a heart attack if they knew I’m seeing someone who’s 32) but I’m keeping that away from him since he said if I ever ignore his message he would come to my house personally.

    Tell him that you will be calling the police on him and get a restraining order against him if he does this. Then block him.

    You are actually letting him 'silence' yourself. Because he doesn't even know where you live. Your friends are right that you need to just block the guy and call it a day. Block all new requests too or calls from unknown numbers or even get a new phone number.

    If your social media profile is public, private it. Block him everywhere too.

  15. To what end? What are you hoping to accomplish? Are you looking to start a relationship with a friend? Do you definitely want to stay with your girlfriend?

    I’ll keep an open mind here and see if you can provide a good reason to tell her. Because there are obviously reasons not to tell her. Let’s compare and contrast, shall we?

  16. Just because you're 40 doesn't mean a 35 year old man with 35 years of life experience is less of an adult with agency. I think you're letting that 5 year age gap blind you to the fact that he specifically isn't a good partner. You are still able to find someone who has communication skills and isn't a project. He has no interest in ever learning or being open to your communication skills or changing. Take this one as is or leave.

  17. A big one though is maybe trust your partner enough that even if they are angry you can talk it out.

    That's not ever really been an option when it comes to him being angry. Anything I say will just be responded to with the deepest cuts he can possibly make and radio silence,

    Again, I admitted my fault in trying to resolve that initial conflict with my gma. But the second situation I wasn't sure what to do, there was arguing, and I froze.

    I didn't know however, that making mistakes means I do not love him. That's enlightening to me.

  18. He and all the guys there can’t talk about you and all the side bitches they are messing with if you are there. Your bf doesn’t want the other guys and himself to have to watch what they say because you are there.

  19. Is it possible to be in a committed relationship while still being friendly terms with your ex.

    Of course it is.

    It just isn't possible to do so with your current partner.

  20. Not gonna lie mate, I couldn't really follow who was real or not in this story.

    Not sure it really matters though to be honest. You can decide your own boundaries in a relationship and if your partner doesn't agree then you're likely not compatible.

  21. I don't even have the same last name as my brother, and we have the same parents. They used both for him and then decided they didn't like that so only gave me one.

    I can assure you that my brother teased me a lot when we were younger, but none of those time it was because we didn't share the same last name.

  22. Losing the cats is definitely the hot point. I'm just hoping she realises she doesn't have the time to spend time with them and I get them.

  23. Yesterday.

    “I mean I did say this to him after he asked me if I was hung over.

    “I’m so sorry did you say you were able to come over last night? The weekend was a blur and I misread what you said.”

  24. If you feel like you need to end this relationship then you need to end this relationship.

    There's nothing more to it than that. The partnership rests entirely on two people feeling better together than they do on their own or with anyone else for that matter. That's quite literally the foundation upon which everything else is built.

    You can't make the relationship better on your own. It requires his goodwill too.

    It seems clear you're the only one taking responsibility in this relationship, you're trying to be a responsible adult and he is emotionally blackmailing you because that is the source of his income. His food, his having a place to stay and leading the life he is leading rests upon manipulating you into accepting this situation.

    You mentioned debt, and I do not know where you are or what your official status is, but it seems important to understand whether this debt is his, yours, or both. Keep any evidence you have that you have been the one paying for it as that can be deducted from your half of the debt in the event of a separation of your assets. If you are living together and your partner has established some sore of tenancy, depending on your local laws, at your residence, it is important that you start documenting your situation in order to be able to evict him and protect your assets.

    You could benefit from your chosen form of counselling, depending on your resources, if only to find someone to confide in and help you gain some perspective. It is hard to see clearly when toxicity has been established. You're exhausted. It is crucial you do not waste energy, and I am willing to bet that he is doing all he can to have you exert yourself pointlessly by involving you in time consuming processes and delaying a plethora of actions until they've become urgent and you are left to handle it all in a rush, lest you miss some deadline or fail to meet some requirement. Tell me if I'm wrong.

    People like him will make you liable for their own incompetence, it is how they keep you too busy and tired to fight back.

    I believe it to be the most quickly achieved measure you can take for now to take his stuff out our your schedule. Rest is crucial here. If you burn yourself out, he will use it. He will claim to be the one keeping you together, use it as proof of your inability to live on your own and generally degrade you. Rest. Please.

  25. I'm LDR currently due to the military. I'm a smoker so my gf gave me a zippo with my daughter and her etched on it. I use it every day so it's nice to see them constantly on that picture.

  26. That is weird. Maybe she is worried that if you lose weight you would be more attractive to others and could possibly lose you. That’s why she wants to be the only one to lose weight.

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