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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. First, his daughter is literally still an infant. She’s going to call you what she wants. Second, if you don’t want to be considered to be her mom then you need to not date a single dad or not be around her at all until you are ready to take on that role because at her age that is what you will be. Third, DO NOT let him manipulate you into becoming her mom or live-in nanny that he gets to have sex with. Keep yourself independent by working and earning your own money.

  2. You care too much about others' opinions. Are the jokes cringe bc you think they are or bc you think others find them cringe.

  3. OP should do this, I bet she doesn’t care about this relationship as much to be strung along for 3+ hours. That would be a wake up call if this one isn’t already.

  4. The problem is you're objectively wrong. We're not talking about opinions. If people didn't find fat people attractive, the majority of the population in the US would be single and sexually frustrated.

    Also you have to pick someone other than Nikacado to make that a fair comparison. Lizzo and Scarlet are a fair comparison, but a shitty youtuber vs an actor isn't really just about weight.

  5. I get that… and I do hold my hands up and I did apologize… but to break up over it..?!?!? Like… I dunno. I would’ve understood taking a break or getting mad… but not this…

    Like we all do annoying shit from time to time. This was the first and only time we had an argument of any kind… so I dunno. I feel she overreacted with the break up.

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