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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. That would all be gaslighting. Look he actually did you a favor and take all the things he said about you to actually be true about himself. Yes you were probably deceived for most of the 3 months BUT at least you know now and three months is not so long. Tinder is great for people like that.

  2. She sucks, she’s using and manipulating you, and you need to dump her stat and go to therapy to heal.

    What you’ve experienced might feel normal coming from abuse, but she’s definitely abusive as hell, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


  3. If he wants you to be his live in nanny and take care of the kids, he can ensure you “earn” something atleast, otherwise he can pay for a nanny and you keep your career.

  4. You got rejected and it hurts. What you do next will define the rest of your life. The more you work on processing this rejection, the faster you will become someone that can take the naked knocks of life. It just isn't fair out there. This kind of stuff happens over and over. You NEVER want to have to convince someone to be with you. That won't reverse the rejection, it will just create an imbalance in your ongoing relationship that will always be there (at best). You had your standard for communication and time together, he realized he couldn't meet that standard. It doesn't mean your standards were wrong or too clingy. It doesn't mean you need couples therapy. You just aren't a match anymore.

    Find a friend, and text them everything you would text this dude. Do not send a long text to him. Don't do it. Throw your phone in a river, give it to a friend, break your sim card, whatever it takes. Don't text him.

  5. I agree, I think we all mess up in our past, but if it’s a pattern then it’s not a mistake, it becomes a habit. Thank you for your input though, I’m still trying to decide if he even really cheated if they were on a break

  6. She gave her 6 SIBLINGS a better life while she had 3 kids to take care of. Her siblings could’ve taken care of themselves.

    Also why does my fiancé need to pay for his sisters education????! She’s should pay off the debt herself.

  7. Also, I have gently told her that I think she is being too generous to Tom and that I would encourage her to at least set a specific timeline in the near future for leaving and getting on with her life. But she is an incredibly sweet person (much more than I am, ha) with a heart of gold.

  8. Not as devastating as going forward with this relationship. You are still very young and you have lots of opportunity open to IF you don't close those doors by having a baby with a mentally disturbed man. If you go forward with this man, you will be sad for the rest of your life and you will bring an innocent baby into this mess. Don't do it.

  9. Fuck that. I'm sitting here watching my husband feed our 8 week old after getting out of work, because even though I'm on leave I've had her all damn day and he is happy to be her parent and act like it.

    Your husband's upset because he wanted the clout and fuzzy feelings of being a dad with none of the effort or forethought. He sounds like the kind of guy who expects sex before you're healed – just zero empathy or situational awareness and a double helping of entitlement.

    You gave up: 9 months of comfort, your body, your health, your functioning organs, I could go on ( I should know – though gosh I am wincing at the idea of a tear the size of my C-section incision on my undercarriage as you are currently suffering) He gave up:… well I am truly intrigued as to what he'll finally come up with as an answer to that. I know men can get PPD too, but really there's a time and a place to mourn your no kids lifestyle and it's after the whole family has their basic needs met.

    I know reddit screams DIVORCE on a whim, but really if he's not providing physically and is actively tearing you down what's the point of marriage? I don't think you were too harsh at all, just firm enough to pop his bubble and bring him back to reality.

  10. So your barrier appeared to be financial which you’ve resolved. (I think this is the common barrier for men) Have you asked her what her barrier is?

    Your post is an assumption of why she doesn’t want to which quickly turns into a character flaw that you are quite frustrated about. It’s ok for you to be and feel how you do and for her to be and feel how she does. It’s not great for your relationship to turn the way she feels about the world into something detestable.

    You need to have an actual adult conversation about it, not careless passing comments. Tell her you want kids. Ask her if she does, what are the barriers from having them now. Then you decide if what she wants is what you want. DO NOT try to talk her into it. Kids are not the same as an international trip, you cannot change your mind once you decide to have them.

  11. Yeah, i owned up to it, apologized tremendously, figured out my faults in myself, and did what needed to be done to fix them to become a better person since this happened. We went to valentines day dinner and everything but she said she just couldn’t look at me the same right now.

  12. You’ve never been with a woman oh fucking well. Just date her since you both have similarly shitty personalities.

  13. The only answer I have is another bed. I had to do it and it improved my marriage immensely. We are both able to sleep now. Find a new place with a spare room.

  14. Of course you bring it up. You are really comfortable together. Talk about it. It’s going to drive you nuts if you don’t. It sounds as if he may be catching feelings too. If not, then decide what to do. Don’t just assume he isn’t and run. Talk about it. It could be great.

  15. You have made many positive changes in your life over the past two years while your husband has become increasingly critical and unsupportive, by making inappropriate comments about your gym routine and job prospects, and insisting that you do your wife duties.

    His behavior may be due to insecurity or discomfort with the changes in your relationship. He may fear that he is losing you or losing control over his life through your changes. He may be struggling to express his emotions in a healthy way, resorting to passive aggressive comments.

    Have an open and honest conversation with your husband about how you're feeling and set clear boundaries and expectations. Consider seeking couples therapy or individual therapy if needed.

    You deserve to be with someone who loves and supports you and who is happy to see you succeed and grow as a person.

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