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  2. If you’re totally anti drugs and this is something she’s aware of then I totally get why you’re angry. It’s something I done a few years ago but then I watched far too many people fuck up their lives because of it. If it’s something she’s doing once in a while then I’d say it’s not something to worry about. However if she starts doing it more regularly then it becomes an issue. You need to talk to her straight and see where her heads at.

  3. Maybe we can agree this: for him biologically there’s absolutely nothing abnormal with once a day If say he was single (I’d be more concerned about low libido if he didn’t wanna do this), the issue is really that the wife just doesn’t like it. It’s just a mismatch between what she wants sexuallly vs what he wants sexually. I do feel for the wife, but it’s just the way of he word, he’s seen the film 200 times already ( the film being her)

  4. They were together for 2 years; he failed to mention it to you. She went from him to his best friend; she broke his heart, and the breakup was bad, but his best friend, knowing it was a bad breakup, still jumped on her. Now all of them are close friends, and you are the last to know? VERY STRANGE FRIENDSHIP.

    “but he’s always talking about how fun and beautiful she is”

    Your boyfriend is still not over her, and she is still all over him.

    If I were you, I would make sure he had no contact with her. I would tell him not to hang out with this specific friend; he can have guys' time. But not on a double date, because you are not comfortable being around her and you are disrespected by her. If he can't do that, you will leave, because this girl will always be around, and it's only a matter of time before they find their time for reminiscing about the past.

  5. This is a really new relationship. You knew from the start that she was taking this trip to find herself. You think that you are absolutely committed. She doesn’t. You aren’t compatible.

  6. You decided to keep your kids a secret? There is no way this doesn't end badly for you, and you deserve that! Your kids are human beings, not something you can just put aside on a whim!

    Now, when you do tell your in laws, your relation with them will be strained, and when your kids find out, and they will, they'll be pissed too.

    Way to paint yourself in to a corner!

  7. The dude is only looking for someone to do the trauma dumping as he lost his mother and father.

    The talk about how his eyes were open were just a talk because otherwise he wouldn't say the b-word line.

    Fuck that guy… He has only himself to blame.

  8. Get a lawyer to sort this out. Also check your tenant laws or squatters rights in your area.

    Make sure all your valuables are in a safe place ahe can't reach in case she go haywire.

    All communication with her should be recorded as well as putting up cameras in your house and property is a must.

  9. I’m somehow not shocked a 22 year old who got married to a woman 4 years older than him would have these insecurities.

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