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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I'm sorry you're feeling this way, I do indeed understand! It's a feeling of rejection before you have even had the chance to do the rejecting. I hope things improve for you, I can't imagine sex with an inanimate object being more special than sex with you. Make sure you don't settle for someone who doesn't treasure you and all you bring to the relationship, you deserve more.

  2. YUP!!! So gross I can hardly handle it lol. Bad enough to get them as an adult but multiple times, not seeing the issue, AND wanting to have sex anyways? Gross. So so so so so SO gross on all levels.

  3. I find it strange (maybe even concerning) that she went that deep on his messages, but you are talking like if everyone says awful things about their partner like he did.

    what you were expecting. Do you see how you set yourself up for this completely?

    C'mon dude, you can criticise her behaviour without justifying the things he said, he doesn't have excuse either.

  4. No you’re completely right, but him feeling like that is on him. Like there’s really nothing going on with this other person and I just made his jealousy/insecurity worse by lying. That’s how I see it because now he’s going to think the worse and always think I’m lying when it comes to work. I just feel horrible about the whole thing

  5. Whether or not your cooch is pumping fumes, anyone who doesn't brush their teeth daily and floss frequently is going to smell like way worse shit than that in a few years

  6. Man reddit really is true to itself today in jumping to conclusions.

    OP was clearly sober enough to know she needed to get to bed at midnight so she could be rested for work the next day. She remembers going up to her room to go to sleep.

    OP, does your best friend normally follow you to your room when you go to sleep? If he didn't go in with you, why tf did he go in your bedroom knowing you were going to sleep? Is it possible someone slipped something into your drink? What does he have to say about all this? I feel like there's a missing part of the story. Has his now ex GF expressed any jealousy or discomfort with your friendship? Do you guys have a history together?

  7. Why does he hate where he lives at now? Has he given you a valid reason other than he is unhappy.

    This may be a no-win situation.

  8. My wife told her friends about my foot fetish. I didn’t know if it was coincidence or not at the time but ever since they were ALWAYS wearing open toed shoes or sandals when they came over whereas in the past they would have their shoes on or have no polish on their toenails.

    No complaints from me, and my wife says she could care less ??‍♂️

  9. I fully understand your point on I should have grown strength with the school bullies. But, alas, they outnumbered me and no one backed me up nor taught me what to do. My girlfriend is indeed a very strong and assertive person.

    On courage and strength, for example: If I get up at night to use the toilet, and the day after she tells me she couldn’t sleep because I made noise going to the toilet, I will feel really held back about this. I will likely try not to go to the toilet during the night anymore and hold it to the morning. This particular case never happened, but I imagine it might. I don’t have the courage to voice things different than to what she says because I don’t want to upset / annoy her. I have scheduled a medical psychotherapy session for April to talk about this, but until then I decided to try Reddit by suggestion of a mate of mine. I think it’s very good to see perspectives. Once I realized how broken I am overall by my upbringing and context, self healing become priority #1.

  10. She's not your friend. She's trying to steal your boyfriend. You and he are BOTH uncomfortable with this situation. Cut her off! Trust me, you won't miss her or her drama.

  11. He is not an intelligent person if he doesn't understand that there are cultural and linguistic differences between the US and Britain. You deserve better than what he is giving. This will be the rest of your life if you stay with him. I have dated British men and wouldn't dream of “correcting” their pronunciation.

  12. I've been divorced.

    While I never hid it, I was always nervous about telling a girl I was interested in bc she may not want to be with me bc of it. He shouldn't have lied to you. I'm just throwing out there why he may have withheld it from you.

    As far as the sickness part. I can 100% see why that would be a concern.

    Personally, I would do nothing until I spoke to him.

  13. Hold your ground, you are TOTALLY in the right. If it was me, as hot as harsh as it sounds, either im her full 100% coparen, or Im not and Im not getting again involved in anything that has to do with her. As “simple” as that.

    If you dont stand your ground and stop this situation ASAP hes going to use the “biological father” wildcard whenever he pleases.

  14. ARGH! NOOooooooooooooo!!!!

    Just because one insecure smegma-factory says he doesn't like your personality (he does, by the way; he's been dating you for a year and a half) doesn't mean anyone else feels that way.


    OP, do you remember in grade/middle school, when the mean girl told you you'd be so pretty if you just lost some weight, or else just straight up told you you were fat? Yes? And now you know that it wasn't because you actually were fat, but because it gave her power over you to be able to make you feel bad about yourself? Remember that?

    THIS IS WHAT YOUR PRICK OF A SOON-TO-BE-EX BF JUST DID TO YOU. Yes, and you fell for it. He negged you, is what he did. Why? because you're too masculine? No, it's BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO AWESOME. Literally. You're awesomer than he is and it made him feel insecure, so he tried to cut you down to his size.

    YOU DO HAVE A SICK LIL PERSONALITY!!! Go lean in on that and block this donkey sac everywhere. HE DOES NOT DESERVE YOUR QUEENLY ASS.


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