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sexy dance [Multi Goal]

Date: October 3, 2022
Actors: Rona-Dragonfly

5 thoughts on “Rona-Dragonfly on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. I believe you love her as a person, but I don't think you're in love.

    You've known her for six months and you're not in a relationship. I think you're most likely infatuated with her and fascinated with the idea of being with a woman for the first time. You haven't spent enough time together to develop real, deep, enduring romantic love. What you're describing sounds like new relationship butterflies.

    Do you have many close female friends? Is it possible you're conflating this intense emotional connection with romance because you haven't had a friend this close as an adult?

  2. These people don't know what they are talking about. He could have walked. He totally could have decided to leave. But you can't waste your life with someone who only tries to meet

  3. Thank you for your advice I will tell her partner to definitely record. In addition and her partner is instructed to call my dad who has the crisis center number saved so he can call them immediately to have her evaluated when she has an episode again.

    For the record me and my family completely agree with you. She is absolutely 10000% being abusive and I would have encouraged him to even press charges were i there. My dad said before he could speak to [partner] that he already told the cops he wouldn’t be and to drop it. At this point I feel as if it’s enabling (not blaming him, they’re so fucking traumabonded and unfortunately think it’s fine) and worse in the long run if he /doesn’t/ do something.

  4. I haven’t seen anyone else say this, but I think you should not only tell your friend about the abusive behavior you experienced, preferably in a nicely organized list like you posted here, but I would let the ex know the same list. If he is an overall decent person, he may not understand how abusive some of the things he did was, and he may want to seek help himself.  At the very least he will understand why these women friends in his life no longer want to associate with him.

  5. Some people are comfortable with period sex, some even find it a turn on, some folks don't like it….and nobody's preferences are “wrong”. If he's not being an insulting jerk, if he just doesn't want to have intercourse when you are on your period, I don't understand the problem.

    (Unsolicited tip- when I still had periods, Instead cups, the ones that don't have a “tail”, did a fine job of making period sex tidier)

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