Lia Prada


AT GOAL: PLUG IN MY ASS AND FUCK MY PUSSY TIL SQUIRT , ♥ Wet me and make me yours [Multi Goal]

Date: September 23, 2022

6 thoughts on “Lia Prada

  1. You only been together for 8 months and he already lost his temper (over a game ). Imagine being together for longer and actually dealing with real life difficulties.

  2. There is a book called Fair Play. It talks not just about the physical load that people take on in marriages but also the mental load, that invisible load that doesn't get seen but needs to be done. Like remembering doctor's appointments, and scheduling out carpool, and remembering to get snacks for afterschool activities.

    It might be a good read for both you and your wife. It can also help both of you have a better balance in the household all together.

    I think also you getting your own interest outside the marriage would also make you feel a little less resentful of your wife's hobbies. Like you were saying you resent that you had to do child care two days a week, okay so maybe if she needs two days for her hobby, you can get two days for yours. Also, if you can afford it look into babysitters so that you actually get to do something fun with your wife, you actually learning to date your wife again.

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