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Leya, 24 y.o.

Location: Hesse, Germany

Room subject: LET, ‘S WISH ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY*** [16952 tokens remaining]

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Date: September 30, 2022

4 thoughts on “Leya the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Yikes. I don't typically have time for that but I would have started with that. That is actually messed up and hilarious

  2. I'm married to an ex-con. I stayed through a sentence and don't regret it.

    That said, you're not saying what he did so it's impossible to say what you should do or what I would do in your position.

  3. So… that part when you told him you didn’t want to be recorded but he kept doing it anyway? That was assault.

    Posting it live? That’s non-consensual sharing of intimate media (“revenge porn”, whatever you want to call it). Also illegal. The excuse that he was just trying to edit it is an insult to you… how the fuck did he miss the “post” button?? There’s no mistaking it. Once you make a post, you usually get redirected to it too. Even if it was somehow an accident, he should have immediately realized his mistake.

    Even if you don’t want to take this to the authorities, he clearly has almost no respect for you. Bringing a camera into the bedroom without first discussing it with you clearly shows this. And as for posting your shit that’s gotta be a dealbreaker… do you really want to stay with the guy responsible for your family seeing that stuff? He sounds like a grade a douchebag. Dump him.

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