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  1. Seems like more often than not, bi woman get fetishized and bi men get judged. Sorry to hear bro. You just gotta keep being reassuring and let her work through her insecurity

  2. My opinion may be unpopular but I think you did the right thing. If she really was going to commit suicide then you absolutely did the right thing.

    I am sorry to say that it seems to me she used this threat to manipulate you. I have a son who had this done to him. It might shock people to know that this kind of emotional manipulation is actually abuse. It only gets worse. My advice would be to suggest to her to get help. If you want to stay with her that’s okay but if she does it again I would leave.

    This type of emotional manipulation often scaled up and you will end up anxious all the time, you’ll be made to golfers guilty that you aren’t there for her etc etc etc. That is all just my opinion of course!

  3. Maybe pick your battles. For sure tell her next time she wants to have photos done to discuss it with you beforehand. She felt sexy enough to get hot and have photos made for you. Most guys never get that. Unless there's any reason to question the motives your friend and wife then ease up. Your point is valid, communication is key.

    They do couples bordeauer shots maybe give it a shot friend.

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