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Date: September 25, 2022

12 thoughts on “Pink-rose on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. TBH it sounds like maybe you and he aren't that great together even regardless of what he does or doesn't do for your birthday. Your title makes you sound like a high maintenance mess but if you're as capable on on top of things as you report and he's more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person you're just likely to have conflicts for the duration of the time you're together. Good luck.

  2. It was an agreement he accepted and asserted he’d adhere to. Why’re you so upset at healthy communication and agreed upon boundaries?

  3. You're not insecure, but if you stay with this dude you'll end up suffering mentally for it.

    Dump the douchebag.

  4. And I’m all for men having feelings about their babies and talking about it in therapy or whatever, but he’s not about to go through nine months of pregnancy and give birth. Which will change his body forever and whatever consequences come after that. He is allowed to want whatever the fuck he wants but also understand that he’s not the one who’s tired and taking mad naps, if you’re a woman of color worrying about having a high ads maternal death rate and he’s not the one who’s going to have to push a human out of a vagina. this is not like some. Don’t have kids propaganda but I am saying all of that is going to be so much fucking worse if you’re not absolutely certain that you want this child. He wants something that’s going to come out all cute and cuddly and honestly that you’re probably gonna have to take the most care of or get a lot of shame, for if you aren’t just because that’s how maternity and childrearing works in our society. All I’m saying is understand that having a baby does not mean the same shit for both of y’all

  5. Lemme tell you bud… my pets are always gonna love me. Some days to the point I myself jokingly threaten to toss them outside and call it a day cause they drive me insane. But I adore those tiny buttheads with all of my heart. You know what that means? It means that nobody gets to actually threaten the wellbeing of my pets. They're literally like children to me… and you'd best believe that if a husband of mine wasn't treating them with basic respect or was actively threatening them, they'd be an ex-husband real quick.

    Nobody comes before my pets. Sorry not sorry lol.

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