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Date: October 3, 2022

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    It’s totally fine if you don’t like it, but shes not “intoxicated” or fucked up. She a little lit, and I have no doubt she can manage to bring some plates and drinks to a few tables.

  2. You are not a pos. You're a loving human being who is struggling with mental health issues. Leave a message or a note. If you vanish, he will always wonder what happened to you, if you are Ok, did someone abduct you, did you have an accident, did he run you off, ir if everything is his fault. Then there will be police involved, missing person reports and investigations.

    I implore you not to do this, but I also believe everyone has the right to make their own choices. At least leave a note saying you love him but need to leave and probably won't return. At least he can have some closure and eventually move on with his life.

  3. It may very well be a “huge difference” as 1 vs 50 (or however many) but the act is still the same; fucking for money. That is the part that is relevant. Trying to downplay it based on a numbers game is disingenuous. The issue isn't how many, the issue is what you're doing with them

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