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Date: October 3, 2022

8 thoughts on “MinaSi online sex chats for YOU!

  1. If it ain't walking dead, Facebook or her family saying she needs to go see her without them doing the same she doesn't care

  2. What a twit your friend sounds like. Someone advises you not to do something potentially dangerous or detrimental to your health and your friend says they are being controlling. Get a new friend.

  3. Wow you're horrible. I would never forgive that either… The fact that you still demand forgiveness points to narcissism.

  4. Yeah, I don't think anyone of us has ever actually questioned each others status as prior to me and Mark, the only one's sleeping together were dating so it was their business. But yeah, looking back at that conversation now… I'm glad I stuck to condoms each time.

  5. It’s incredibly hot to convince people to not use steroids once they decide to. However he’s being irresponsible by not doing it right. There are was to combat roid rage, and he definitely will need post cycle therapy. It sound like he may be at his peak with this behavior and will taper down soon. It’s incredible dangerous that you were able to find the needles so easily considering there are children in the home.

    My husband has done a few cycles, and he never gets this bad. I think this guy is dosing way too high or not using the correct one for him.

    Back to the point though, if this is a hard boundary for you then you need to establish and follow through. It’s likely he’ll do more cycles.

  6. Just because he values personality over looks doesn’t mean he doesn’t find you attractive. I’m always very clear to girls I’ve dated that I value them as people, their minds, thoughts, feelings, everything as to who they are not just the outside shell. I still have found them very attractive but who they are matters more.

  7. Exactly you again make my point…..they were dying. That didn't stop then from having sex never. For that reason there were so MANY deaths. They didn't focus on survival with the way you are imagining!!! Read!!!

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