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Date: September 10, 2022

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  1. It’s my understanding that to be libelous it a) has to cause harm and b) has to be untrue. The burden of proving it’s untrue is on the person suing for libel and an investigation is not harm.

  2. You set a boundary, and he violated it repeatedly. I don’t buy for a second that it was “the heat of the moment”, I think it was intentional. You don’t deserve that.

    Why is being in the same group a reason not to end the “benefits” part of the friendship? Do you think ending the benefits will end the friendship entirely? If so, that’s probably another signal that this is not a good dude at all.

  3. Bro. She’s definitely making questionable personal decisions, but they literally have NOTHING to do with you. You act like she owes you something just because she knows you like her. That is simply not the case. Sure, she could have told you sooner, but you do not deserve anything from her. And sure, she was definitely using you because she liked the attention deep down, but it’s not really a crime just selfish behavior.

    The fact that you are asking if you should repair the relationship shows you are all kinds of f’d up when it comes to her. For your own mental well being YOU should cut her off. Tell her you need time to get over her and then block her. The truth of the matter is you cannot be her friend until you get over this fixation on her. Also, do you really want to be with someone who has had so many chances to be with you, yet never pursued it? At this point, is she decided to give it a shot it would be because you wore her down and she’s like fine what the hell let’s try it. Not a great start to a relationship.

  4. Look, it was a dumb decision for her to tell you that. There was nothing to gain except for her to clear her conscience. You already said you know it shouldn't be a big deal so I'm a just repeat this for you to help it sink it.

    It's not a big deal. IMO, you weren't her 'second choice' she wasn't deciding who to marry that week. She was shooting her shot for someone with whom she had developed feelings for first. It isn't matter of her 'settling' for you.

    She may have settled for a DATE with you 4 years ago but that was enough for her to realize she actually likes you for real. Both of y'all are reading too much into the significance of her decision to date you after her initial crush rejected her.

    It's not like she was trying to marry him and he said no and so then decided you were the best she was gonna get.

  5. Trying to figure out what I do with this. I don’t want to divorce him, but I also can’t stomach my daughter growing up with anything less than an enthusiastic champion of her ambitions, accomplishments, and value in the world.

    I’m sorry, but those are your two options. Either you divorce him or you raise her in an environment where one parent believes in her ambitions and one parent thinks her only value is being barefoot and pregnant working in the kitchen to make her man a sandwich. You have to choose one, there is no secret third option where you stay with an open misogynist and he magically changes his personality and starts respecting you and your daughter. He will not, this is who he is.

    Your daughter will learn what to expect from and tolerate in a marriage from the one you model for her. If you stay, you are teaching her that she should stay married to a man if he acts like this and thinks of her as lesser than. Is your marriage the future you want for her?

  6. Everyone has their preferences

    Not everyone likes weed and alcohol

    Also, you should leave him

    The threat is a big No

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