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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. True. And there's a huge difference between dating someone who has one “crazy” ex and dating someone who had alllllll “crazy” exes. Patterns are hot to change. We all want to perceive ourselves as doing our best and know our own motivations and when a relationship ends we assign the worst motivations to the ex. True Accountability is rare on any side and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle. If one person warns me about someone, I'm keeping my eyes open. If multiple people warn me, I'm on full alert.

  2. The amount of sex you have had per week is not based on how either of you “feel”, it's based on math. There's a number and it's either higher or lower than one of your perceptions.

    Health issues are no joke and can certainly be the main problem here. Naked to know without more details.

    Who initiates and does most of the work? Therapy? Try talking again openly and honestly about what you both want/need and how to get there

  3. When you have kids, you will love them more than him or you. I was you. And I had 2 kids. Despite the abuse and cheating and stealing from me. I stayed for too long. It was my bed I made and now I had to lay in it. Then he started hurting them. That’s when I left. But only I could leave for good. They have a lifetime attachment. He can and will always hurt them. They have been through years of therapy. My daughter is 19 and my son 15. I can not undo the damage done. They are amazing, resilient, creative, independent, human beings. But they will have a love and weakness for their abuser. You can cut ties. They can’t. Do not have kids with this guy. You won’t just regret it; you will never forgive yourself for hurting the ones you would die for.

  4. Then it’s time for therapy. That’s what we do when we keep choosing the wrong men. It’s what I did. You will be so much happier. Absolutely walk away. That’s the first step.

  5. I’m not here to debate abortion with you. I believe it’s wrong and hopefully she does too.

  6. You may want to have kids but what you don't realize is that you definitely don't want to have kids with someone who does not want them. In other words, don't try to talk her into it.

  7. How is her getting a degree not her taking part in getting a career? Why does she need a bullshit internship? Why are you being so harsh about her fairly normal decisions?

    Yes, it appears that it’s not a good match here, the the stand out characteristics I see are mostly yours.

  8. Why are you even with him at this point? Trust is the number one thing that makes a relationship work. If there’s no trust, it’s not going to work. Get out of that situation.

  9. That’s fair, I kinda figured since it’s a new feature a lot of people would use it for fun. I’ve definitely clicked the map in random places once or twice just to see what’s up in town but for me personally I don’t like to keep it on all the time, only if I’m using it for something but hey everyone is different and has different needs for the app!

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