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Date: September 28, 2022

8 thoughts on “Helena-Baker live sex chats for YOU!

  1. I took away something different from OPs post – that she does respect him but is aware this might not come through in her words and actions in the midst of an argument.

    She writes lots of wonderful things about him. I hear respect. Sounds like she’s aware they’re both deeply human with wonderful things and flaws too.

  2. It can be a trauma response, but that does not mean it doesn’t need adjusting if your partner is asking for direct communication. This can be worked on together, and over time, but disregarding his feelings on this and refusing to adjust is simply not how partnership works. Trauma response does not mean you get to treat others however you please, even with their objection.

    Agreed on counseling, they need to unpack why this is happening, but she has to be willing to work on things rather than dismissing her partner and saying what she is doing is fine, when it isn’t fine with him.

  3. U do deserve better than this! .. no1 would put up with that kinda rubbish 4 so long .. sometimes u need 2 see the bigger picture .. seems like its all about her .. and marriage is a 2 way street .. get out of this hell huni .. thee is some1 out there 4 u .. that doesn't behave this way

  4. I just started a good paying job. I need to pay off my debt and actually save. I have less than $60 bucks to my name rn. I finally felt like I was starting to work on myself. I start volunteering at my animal shelter this friday. I looked/sent emails to therapist too. I wanted him to be apart of seeing me and him build each other up. To make a successful us. I supported him every step of school and working out etc. I sent him cards and flowers, made goody baskets etc. I did everything I could despite not being perfect to show that I love him. Our time together was already limited. Bc of his schooling. Which his university is literally 15 minutes from me.

  5. “I've always tried to be a non-confrontational guy”

    She views you as weak and a push over so doesn’t respect you

    I’ve never heard of an instance where things get this bad and people change, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen but there’s a good chance this is going to always be a problem

    Reddit advice isn’t going to be enough here, you’re going to need the help of a professional (or two)

  6. I agree. It gives me much relief not to marry her. But I can’t help feel crummy for my child.

  7. Baby not even here yet and already she's using it to make some kind of protest “stand”. I'm afraid this is a precursor to many more woke movements she will make in this child's lifetime. Sigh….

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