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Date: September 30, 2022

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  2. I heard a story where the husband was homeless and too embarrassed to tell. And couch surfing at a female friend they just met and didn't want to make it awkward for because the wife would presume they were sleeping together.

  3. No complaints about lack of cleanliness doesn’t mean things are fairly split unless you are doing 100% of the cleaning. In your comments you speak of one offs/things that don’t happen frequently besides grocery shopping. Which is nice, but unless your life is vastly different than mine those things you listed isn’t a large chunk of the to do stuff of a joint household. Of the things you’ve mentioned I’ve had I think one occur in the month of February.

    But when people have asked regarding the split of daily chores (like cooking and cleaning dishes) or frequent ones (like vacuuming, laundry, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen) you’ve only stated you think you do your fair share and that there’s not much to do and have never broached the actual split. Even when you mention laundry you say you handle “emergency” laundry – so do you not do the non emergency laundry?

    A lot of people who say they do a fair split but avoid stating specifics for a long while…end up not actually having a fair split. They take out the trash while the other partner cooks and does the dishes every night. It’s a common occurrence here so it’s not surprising people ask.

    I would expect a partner that is working half the hours of me to take on the majority of the chores. If my partner was working half as many hours as me while we split the bills 50/50 and the majority of the chores were split 50/50…I could absolutely see that situation making me more and more unhappy.

  4. And that’s where I’ve also stated that he’s a piece of crap. The main comment was about how she isn’t any better of a person. OP has two ways of moving on, either realizing he’s not being a good person, or, realizing she also isn’t somebody worth dating at present time.

  5. He will not tell you the truth. He knows that you saw the photo that he deleted it and he still refuses to admit it. Even if he admitted to deleting that photo, could you trust there was nothing else?

  6. You are not responsible for his actions. No one can expect another person to live under threats and manipulation. Go, block, and hold fast. Imagine what life can be!

  7. Well looking at all your replies to people, you’re obviously just going to continue to enable the dog being abused, so you’re at fault now too. When the dog is injured or dies, it’s on you.

  8. People use love as an excuse to stay in these shitty relationships. Like Jesus u can love someone and they can still be a piece of crap that abuses ur trust and doesnt give a shit about that apparent love.

    I thought that love meant respecting ur partner enough to u know… not let other men touch u?

    I need to reevaluate my marriage i see.

  9. This is who he is and who he is willing to be for you. He isn't going to get a job or pull his weight around the house. If he is unable to work then he should look into going on disability.

    However it sounds like excuses to me as someone with ADHD and depression. He either gets a job or helps around the house or you should leave. If he can't even help around the house then he's not contributing anything to help make your lives better.

    Do not marry him unless you want this situation for the rest of your life.

  10. Hahaha, says the dude vilifying a woman who stays for 5 years while her partners refuses to commit to her…….

    Who do you think your fooling with that pitiful attempt at a defense.

  11. Why? Why do this? You don’t truly know someone for 3 years. You don’t even know yourself. Your brains literally are not fully developed for another 2-4 years.

    Just Google divorce rates for service members. That one cute couple is a fluke and an anomaly and they didn’t share the years of struggle, mountains of work, and terrible times they went though to stay married, and frankly, if they’ve been together 70 years, they probably, societally, couldn’t get divorced when they had really really wanted to. And now they share one liners about their relationship that make it seem like an aspiration.

    I know “you’re way too young” isn’t something a young person wants to hear, but you are. And this relationship is way too new. If you love him, you’ll love him in 3, 5 and 10 years. Wait to make yourself legally bound to him until then.

  12. I'm LDR currently due to the military. I'm a smoker so my gf gave me a zippo with my daughter and her etched on it. I use it every day so it's nice to see them constantly on that picture.

  13. Going to the gym as an overweight or obese person must be a scary thought these days though.

    Used to be a few years ago that the advice was “you're there to lose weight and better yourself, nobody is judging you” and that was mostly right.

    But in the past year or so, it feels like filming people at the gym and making fun of them is having a big-time resurgence. And it comes from the same people who like to fat shame… even though they're at the gym to get healthier.

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