Gaby Torres on-line webcams for YOU!


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Date: September 30, 2022

10 thoughts on “Gaby Torres on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Because the honeymoon phase is over and now they have settled into who they really are. And all those little things that they thought quirky before they didn’t even weigh against the good things when they made their decisions. Now those things are popping up and are not quirky or cute but annoying over time. This is probably how her compassionate (or people pleasing) quality, something he probably loves about her, is showing in her communication.

  2. I stood on my points of view, and I was the one who made all the decisions, If I didn’t like something I would tell her it at the same exact moment. I was the one who planned everything

    And there’s the issue. People need to feel supported and helped and know what is expected of them (sounds like you excel in that as indicated above) but they also need to be apart of establishing what help they actually want, and to also feel helpFUL. Its not clear if she’s comfortable in admitting her vulnerabilities to you or if you’re good at listening to her vulnerabilities when she does to ensure your help is actually what she needs. It’s also not clear that you offer her ways to be helpful via you showing your vulnerability and her listening and responding to your needs. It’s through both people being vulnerable and both people validating and helping with those vulnerabilities that feelings grow and sustain themselves. With out that, you can try all you want, and with the best intentions but romantic feelings don’t last when there’s no vulnerability.

  3. Lol, I can only eat my eggs hot boiled or over medium. My great grandma would only let us eat runny scrambled eggs yuck. The actual issue in my house is slippers in the bedroom doorway. WHO DOES THAT?

  4. I am supposed to meet his parents in March. It's super important to him. I feel terrible to break it off before that.

    I don't know why you think it would be better to get his family involved and get their hopes up, and then break it off.

  5. I say go for it. I have lots of mental health issues that are exacerbated by work and if someone offered me this opportunity I would totally jump at it. Do it for your own sanity.

  6. Well you decided to do exactly that. You could have chosen not to date him, instead you decided to date him and demand he drop said friend. Now he's either stupid enough to drop a long time friendship and will in all likelihood end up resenting you for it, or he's stupid enough to lie about it and continue the friendship behind your back. Either way, the chances this ends well are fairly low.

    Next time pick a guy you don't feel the need to change or interfere with their personal life and friendships.

  7. Well he moves from motel to motel on while he has less than $1,000 in his account but he does have an income and lives in a pretty cheap area. I think it’s just to scare me into talking to him again.

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