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Date: September 26, 2022

18 thoughts on “Yummyass4worship on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Being blunt with you here, you’re not going to get that CCTV footage and you already know that you’re not. So you’re just going to stay with him and continue being abused. You either leave or you don’t. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone who is willing to mentally torture you and the fact that you’re staying until you prove it, when you know you can’t prove it and that even if you did, he’s still going to accuse you anyway, it won’t end. Leave or let yourself get abused. It’s your choice. You deserve better, strangers on the internet know that but clearly you don’t otherwise you’d have left already. Just the fact you spoke to another man in the first place is enough grounds for him to keep accusing and abusing you.

  2. Your relationship/marriage died a long time ago man. Don’t let her manipulate you with that suicide shit! She’s just stringing you along and you’re letting her! Divorce her ass!

  3. Learn to plan. And with that, I mean, learn to plan things together with your girlfriend. You might be busy with fun stuff, but your relationship is also just as much a priority. If not, maybe you don't have the time for one.

  4. What is the budget and how much is it going to cost?

    I don't have a huge family and they live in the US and probably wouldn't go to india along with my friends for a wedding in India.

    Why not actually ask them?

  5. It’s been very difficult to have my life change so much so quickly, while my fiancé is still having a blast and frequently partying with his friends.

    So…. he is having more fun/friend time than you. It should be equal.

    even though I communicated that it made me sad that I’ll never get the bachelorette party I would’ve had before the baby news

    Sounds like you used this as a guilt trip. I'm not having a high opinion of you either now.

    He’s now told me that they couldn’t make it work before the wedding so they planned it for a month after- not only that but they’re also going to the Bahamas to go to day clubs and casinos.

    Uh….. he's going to be married. He can't fly off without clearing it with you first.

    he’s still partying it up like the news never happened

    So have you told him to stop and focus on what's going on? It doesn't sound like you two are ready to be married.

    I told him all of my feelings about it and he got really upset and defensive and said that if he cancels the trip now it’ll look like a forbade him from going which isn’t what I want.

    YOU SHOULD. Forbid it! He can't make trips like this on a whim with a baby on the way and married.

    Honestly this is “consider canceling the wedding and pregnancy” level stuff.

  6. Let him lean on them. You can’t do that emotional work for him anymore. Send him a last message and block him or change your number.

  7. as a 24F from the united states, i think he’s an asshole. there’s a reason why he’s not dating someone his own age. he clearly doesn’t deserve you

  8. You have clearly articulated the reasons she wants to leave but you aren’t accepting them. That’s kind of telling to me. Your phrasing about the situation makes me think she’s being reasonable. That said, it doesn’t matter why she wants to leave. She does. The things you think are small incompatibilities are not small to her. That’s enough. You have to accept that.

  9. I guess. Idk at this point in today's world I'd have to see it. Everyone is so fast to shout racism over everything these days.

  10. By the way, I adore you. Hardly anyone will play with the Witch!

    I wonder if you control everyone in your life…

  11. Shame, insults, guilt, the need to be right? Oh man, you don't know how correct you actually are. Sometimes, a Reddit thread knows a person better than they know themself!

    I think I've got to leave.

  12. He's a complete dumpster fire. Blaming victims for the gross actions of men? He can fuck all the way off. Dump his ass and celebrate by getting you some cute clothes.

  13. Is the expectation that if you aren't doing his laundry and other house maintenance tasks for him, that you are “roommates that fuck”? Because that really makes me wonder what kind of relationship he had with his mom…. Sorry, but in all seriousness, acting as his housekeeper should have little to nothing to do with the state of your relationship.

    Just that statement alone seems like an overly emotional exaggeration designed to guilt and needle you instead of being a good partner to you. You spent the day doing other chore around the house and his reaction was to give you a naked time because you didn't do HIS laundry without clearing this with him first, and then to punctuate this, he yells, acts more emotional and punches the car. It's basically a display of rage. You should feel emotionally wrecked because that was the point. It keeps you from challenging him. I'm sure he is perfectly able to control himself in other situations.

    You aren't the fuck up. You are probably a kind and caring person that allows him to be that way. But enabling his rage-y behavior is really no good for you. If he won't go to therapy, perhaps you should go to therapy with the goal of setting better boundaries for yourself and understanding that his rage issues aren't your problem.

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