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Date: September 30, 2022

27 thoughts on “Katt Leya live! webcams for YOU!

  1. He's being an OPPORTUNIST.

    He sees the ship sinking and he's trying to squeeze the threesome in under the guise of “fixing things” when in reality he's just thinking it's now or never and he's taking his shot.

    Don't do it.

  2. I guess you're there for…. At least half the day. I wouldn't make her a priority, but I'd maybe give her an opportunity to make it up to you??

    See, I wouldn't. I would stay out tonight at some local bar and then sleep in until I fly back. That's probably what I would do.

    But I'm not you. You sound like you're interested enough.

  3. That's stupid.

    He's a grown man. Grown men make decisions, his dad can't do anything other than talk to him. Or maybe take away his allowance and Playstation


  4. I’m well aware of that honestly I was worried that my latex allergy would prevent us from using condoms and I had stopped birth control because I couldn’t deal with the side effects anymore which was stupid but I love my daughter and I’m glad it happened but I’ll definitely be more careful now

  5. this is the time to stop wasting time in your life and go for the things you want. If he's not on the same page, it's not fair to either of you to keep it going. somebody will end up resenting the other because they had to compromise their vision.

  6. What an asshole.

    There's nothing wrong with your confidence level, this chick is just a pretentious jerk with no social skills (and before people come at me, I saw the autism thing, she's more than high functioning enough by the sounds of this post to incorporate some reciprocity into her romantic life.)

  7. He stood up in front of other people and made vows to be married to you as his life partner.

    Now he says his siblings are always going to be more important than you.

    He’s already shown that his words mean nothing. He didn’t even give you the decency of a heads up about the change in living arrangements. Why do you believe that your child would be a priority to him?

  8. Of course I cared. I was feeling extremely conflicted. She was still a friend. We never had sex, only hooked up a few times at parties. She was very much a good friend who showed she was there for me for years before I met my girlfriend. It’s not that easy to just cut off a long term friendship for someone I met a few months ago. I also never lied, I only didn’t tell my girlfriend that her and I had hooked up in the past because it was never brought up, and I still considered her a supportive friend, even if she still had romantic interest. I was blind to that. When it was brought up, I was honest and told my girlfriend the history. From there we made attempts to compromise and set healthy boundaries.

    Tear me apart all you want, but I took the steps necessary to show my girlfriend that I choose her, that I am trustworthy and that I will make choices that prioritize her feelings first and foremost. That friend is now out of my life and we have been happy together for almost 3 years.

    You are twisting my words. We never had sex. I never lied. And she wasn’t a “so called” friend. She was a real friend that I had an established friendship with for years prior to meeting my girlfriend.

  9. Yeah, with the first post I thought the sexual overtones were because OP didn't understand how his fiance's experience could have felt embarrassing and violating to her, and he was only seeing it through a jealous sexual lens. But now it's obvious it's fake and he's getting off to it. Usually the fetish posts on here are kind of funny, but in this case it's really fucked up. He described what could honestly be a traumatic situation in the first post and turned it into “the bitch is cheating” in the second post. I feel bad for anyone who may have actually experienfed this.

  10. I hate to say this and I really hope it isn’t true but that’s just stupid to have it a month after! This isn’t a good start for a marriage either, and it sounds like he really isn’t ready to settle down.

    This child and everything about it although unplanned is going to have to take precedence in both your lives. The planned party’s and whatever else you two had planned prior to this marriage without the child, now has to change. I can already read the resentment building in your words, and if he takes this trip it will only be a rift between you two and be a beginning of the end possibly to a marriage together. You two really need to sit down and have a Frank talk about expectations and how to handle this curve ball.

  11. She seems like the type from this post and her ultimatum, yeah.

    Assuming he still has romantic feelings for the friend after many years of being nothing but friends is a pretty big assumption, too.

    I've a friend that I've known for 15 years who I did have a crush on when we first met. But nothing came of it, and we're still close friends to this day. Oddly enough, it hasn't affected the 5-year relationship I have with my partner at all. In fact, they're both pals now, too, and we like hanging out together.

    People are capable of just being friends, I promise. And if someone is a cheater, they'll find a way no matter what you do. OP really needs to stop being so jealous and controlling- especially over someone they've been dating for a month?? Lmao, that is SUCH a bad look. If I were her bf, I would've taken this for the warning sign it is and ran for the hills.

  12. I’m going to throw up so bad. Isn’t this borderline illegal or something? To be honest, I don’t think he tells you the whole truth, and I think he’s cheating on you, with a fucking dog.

  13. I preferred the cruise story. Also why are all these people delighted to receive activity packets??

  14. I tucked another girl without a condom. I was drunk and not in my head

    Above From op's comment about a boundary he crossed while swinging? Nah. You guys gotta break up. 100%

  15. The problem here is really with the friend. What are you doing being friends with someone who would say that.

  16. This is good insight. You’re right that I’d essentially be seeking out the things lacking in my relationship and potentially catch feelings, which is the last thing I want.

  17. Definitely tell your boyfriend as soon as is most convenient for him, but be prepared for him to break up with you. I see nobody is preparing you for that and are fooling you into think their will be a next time to be better at. You’re going to be dumped, as you deserve to be.

  18. I'd be talking to your gf's best friend's bf – to get the whole straight story. Sounds like he would have told you more if the best friend wasn't around.

    I'd try my best to enjoy the vacation, and think of it as a last good time. Hopefully you can have good memories of the trip despite this breakdown in trust. Enjoy the ride while it's your turn. You'll find a better match down the road.

  19. NOoo!! Do not tell him. If you tell him and break up in bad terms then everyone at work will know. You want all your coworkers to know? Take that information to your grave.

  20. It is what it is. Do anything but be alone in your room. Surround yourself with friends, focus on work/school, and join a gym. Move on. You got this.

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