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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. I 100% never ever want to be married or have children. Ever. Then I met THE guy. Within three months I was married and pregnant. I was 27.

  2. I think it is important to notice that these are two ways of communicating. As such one is theoretically not better then the other.

    That said – communication is a tool to be used for many thing and people have to focus on the efficiency and the outcome of the communication based on the situation. That means when you are communicating you need to think through the recipient, your intent with the communication, how the recipient will decode the communication and most importantly his feed back (the recipient's understanding and actions based on the communication). This is a part of the communication loop.

    The issue you are facing is that both of you have different ways and expectations to your communications and rather then finding a solution you are (both) digging yourself into a rather risky place for your relationship. Contrary to what many believe – it is not issues like cheating or finance problems that is the main killer of relationships but failed expectations that have it roots in bad communication.

    In your case your wife have the feels that using sage instead of rosemary would be better. Her communication is intended to convince you about it by leading you through the thought process of your decision making in order for you to change your decision. There is nothing wrong with this process in general.

    However – you are understand her intent with the communication is rather – she is not doing this to make me think about my thought process – she is “manipulating me” to see if I do what she wants. Why does she not just make a statement that I will evaluate myself? Again there is nothing wrong with your reaction in general.

    This shows the difficulty with styles of communication. The problem is that her initial message (well intended as it might be) is received not as intended and the reaction (feedback) is different from what she intended.

    Now to your current situation. You seems to feel that she is being manipulative – to me it sounds like she feels you are stubborn and rather controlling. Usually when people try to convince other – the short communication tend to die.

    You can not control her reaction but you can control yours. Rather then demand that she changes her way of communication – you work on your way of receiving it. When she is talking – you try to grasp her intent early and say like “do you have a specific idea in mind with regards to my food making?” This brakes up the long winded path and forces her to come to the point.

    A second thing is that I think you have nailed down a serious problem in your relationship with your communication issues and that both of you seems rather stuck in your ways. It is to some degree easy to solve with some simple rules of focusing on respect for each other, openness, honesty, tolerance and most importantly kindness. The difficulty is when people are stuck in their ways and are not ready to make an effort to jointly work on this issue.

    Since you seem to be aware of the issue – see what you can do in a positive way. Do not let this become an irritant but work quietly on improvements. I doubt she is manipulative but her communication does not quite fits yours.

  3. Are you saying that good parents don't use babysitters? If not, what “incredibly basic child-rearing situation” are you saying OP is “crowd sourcing”?

  4. You seem to think we only known each other 10 months due to dating and we got engaged 10 seconds into dating lol all that from “10 months” Dam.

    We’ve known each other around 2-3 years as we used to work together so we gathered a lot about each other before dating

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