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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. First of all you gave girls that you liked gifts and stuff and wonder why they did not like you? No idea where you get that idea that giving a girl a gift just like that would be a good idea. Simping is not what women want. So getting rejected should show you that you are doing something wrong. Repeating the same behavior, expecting different results is Einsteins definition of insanity. You need to get strong and life with rejection if you are a man and want a woman. It is totally normal to get rejected.

    So then you are in a relationship and you shower her in romantic gestures. You also said her she can talk to a guy that clearly is intersted in her. Do you think that is what she wanted to hear??? Really? She wanted you to show a little jalousy and tell her to delete him.

    She moved on with that guy because you are boring her and he is not.

    You somehow watched to many romcoms or disney movies and you think that the world and relationships worl that way. They do not. The world is not this fuzzy, warm place where the perfect man showers a girl in big romantic gestures and tells her she can talk to guys that are interested in her. That is not what will keep a woman excited and interested. You can also blame this on the bad “masculin bullies” and how all the women are bad for wanting them but it is biology.

    So yeah it will get better if you accept reality and realize that the world you dreamed of is not real.

  2. where do u all ladies meet these men? if a women tell me she attach I just simply say sorry and move on… and of course will only try my luck if she alone or not with a guy…

    maybe these guys just will shoot their lucky with anyone…

  3. Your gf deserves better. You have been emotionally cheating, you are lucky that your gf is so secure about you and not saying anything about you hanging out with your friend for 10 hours a day. Lol. This is emotional cheating on your side. If you still love your gf, talk to her and put all these efforts in this relationship.

  4. If you truly want to be with that person. The cupcake phase never really goes away.

    18-year relationship here. I'd still love to spend every moment with her.

  5. You are right. I do regret not leaving it in the car. I'm not sure what possessed me to do it. I think I was trying to hurt her the same way she hurt me. I am not a vengeful person. I'm still hurt and my life/purpose l was working towards just flipped. If I could I would not have done that.

  6. Look the answer is no you shouldn't but of course you should

    Even if you both agree not to discuss the past which is very difficult , if you meet someone later who new her back then and they say something like “ooh man you should have seen her in college ” it's going to grind on you all over again.

    Our past helps shape us , good or bad.

    I mean has she cheated on anyone before , did she use protection before , what's her stance on abortion …. All things you should know and she should know about you and unfortunately sexual history is one of them.

    Now this doesn't have to be a one hit conversation but as you date certainly things you should understand.

  7. I think he’s under reacted and been complacent enough to the point that this situation is going to be all that much harder to fix than had it been nipped in the bud early on, or relationship boundaries were established and discussed prior to or early in the marriage. He is waay past the point of trying not to be “that guy”. Besides, he already tried not to be “that guy” and she had a fit about it, which was the point of my post. It’s past that point now. Now’s the time to be “that guy” who actually shows his wife he gives enough care about the marriage that he’s willing to speak up when inappropriate things are being done right in front of his face. Sometimes the under reactions, and meek or complacent behavior sends the wrong message to the wife that the husband does not care enough about her to even be bothered to intervene when he should, like in this case. That’s as bad of a message to send as being the overly jealous type if your wife is thinking “He doesn’t care about me, he doesn’t even care if I do go sleep with men, or that a man is constantly here.”

  8. If you can, screenshot the message and send it to yourself as proof. Then press charges, if you want, and if she turns up pregnant.

  9. You showed him that cheating wasn’t a dealbreaker when you found the texts and didn’t leave.

    Don’t make the same mistake now. You have actual proof he cheated. You need to respect yourself enough to leave. He DATED other people while with you. He will do it again.

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